Return of the Transportation Trauma

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two minutes into our cab ride in the pouring rain, my elderly Hungarian driver rasps, "You may be better off on zee Subway!" Despite my protests, he drops me two blocks from Farragut West & I stupidly pay him $14 before hoofing it to the Metro, where I take a 10-minute cab ride to Capitol South. In retrospect, I'd like to say this to my cabbie, regardless of his age or feebleness: "SCREW YOU! If I'd wanted to take the Metro, I wouldn't have hailed you in the first place, you useless moron. It's not my fault you picked me up when your tank was on E, but don't pawn me off on the Metro so you can remedy it, & then expect me to pay you."

If I'd taken the cab the whole way, however, I'd have missed the guy who hopped on at Judiciary Square & announced to our traincar,"Excuse me! Please look here!" & sang a hymnal all the way to the next stop before telling everyone, "Thank you & God bless," then running to the next car to repeat. I videotaped it, but the footage won't upload from my phone to my computer. DAMN IT.

And on the positive side of today, I did see a man carrying the mother of all murses.

(That's man-purses, for you non-word-combiners out there. Tell me this one isn't a beaut.)

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