The Abduction That Never Was & The Dance Party That Wouldn't End

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Want to know how awesome last night was? Last night was so awesome that at one point, I texted two friends from Ohio to say, "I'm at U St. & Clifton in D.C. In case I get abducted, I want someone to know where I am." Last night was so awesome that I forced Ben & Arielle to take a cab the final three blocks of our walk to the Wonderland Bar because I was that convinced we were about to get mugged. Last night was so awesome that the cab drive only charged us $6 instead of $11 because he said it wasn't safe for us to be out walking.

Once we arrived at said bar, however, the night became actually awesome. Wonderland is this awkward pseudo-hipster bar, the kind I'd be into at home if such places existed in the 'burbs. When we arrived, a makeshift dance party was in the works, led by (among others) a guy with intense 'chops wearing an Elmo tee and a shiny green jacket with GRISWOLD emblazoned across the back.

We had a helluva time establishing different genres of dancers -- i.e. the clappers, the snappers, the side-steppers, the hands-in-the-airers, the robotics, the girl who looked like a tranny who pulled a lot of showy "look at me!" moves. In the end, we caved & joined the fray & danced til we literally were so sweaty we couldn't bear to be in public anymore.

And on the way out, we noticed this light switch ---

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  1. that reminds me of a column i wrote...


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