Naked Chicken Fries & My Own Unfounded Annoyance

Saturday, September 8, 2007

There's a posh retirement community around the corner from my neighborhood, so big I heard it's actually got its own zip code. It's called Leisureworld USA, which I think is actually the least posh name ever & sounds like a waterpark, but I digress. Leisureworld USA has its own restaurants, convenience stores, doctors' offices... & a Burger King.

As you can imagine, the Leisureworld USA community is designed to provide the elderly, retired citizens of Silver Spring, MD, with the convenience & leisure of having all their amenities in one place. But I bet I know what disrupts that convenience & leisure - ordering a Number 7 with chicken fries from the local BK & asking the drive-thru employee whether or not they have any honey, & her dismissive, eye-rolling response: "No comprendo."

Well, yo no compendo why this city's minimum wage workers don't seem to care whether they do their jobs well or not.

Yes, yes, I work for a religious non-profit organization, & I am supposed to be open, accepting & politically correct at all times. I support immigration & the American Dream & bilingualism & acceptance of foreigners, so don't cry racism. But seriously: If you don't know the (English) names of basic condiments, can you find someone who does when I ask you a question? I mean, swivel to the left & tell the burger-flipper next to you that your customer has an inquiry you can't help with. Nooot so difficult.

In other news, I sat behind this gem of a haircut on the ride to work yesterday. PS, my new phone has a badass camera, so expect more not-so-sly pics of my real-life encounters with weirdos.

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