Happy Metro Grafitti & The Return of the Angry Asian

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sorry I've been absent. I stress a lot, you know. And you're probably not reading this anyway.

...Or are you?

I love "happy grafitti," like the time I found a bathroom mirror on campus that someone had used as a canvas to write, "You are already beautiful." There's a TON of grafitti on my train ride from Glenmont into the city, but most of it isn't necessarily "happy." It's all really colorful, exceptionally artistic, though...

This one is my favorite, at the Brookland stop. Sometimes when I'm having a bad morning, I look out the window and wait for it. Once I've seen it, I nap the rest of the way into Dupont.

You can't really read it, but it says, "PEARS: Shank Paris." I have nooo idea what that means... but it's pretty, bright green & silver, & it looks upbeat, right?

In other photographic news, someone familiar was on my train home the other day: The Angry Asian! As he muttered to himself & slurped on a smoothie & incessantly switched seats, I snapped this photo on the sly... & promptly moved to another traincar.

Sorry it's not very clear, but I obviously wasn't keen on getting too close to the guy.

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  1. I read! I love your blogs, Kate. They're so much fun to read :)


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