The Local Indy 500 & Movin' to the Back of the Bus

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Maybe I should re-title this blog "Adventures in Public Transportation" - it certainly seems as though all my city amusement comes from that realm.

And there are no maybes about this one - I should definitely have splurged on the $12 to take a taxi home from the Metro tonight. Instead, I spent $.35 on the bus, and I absolutely got my money's worth. Let's just say that if Mario Andretti were a bus driver, he'd be taking lessons from the guy who gave me a ride home tonight. My neighborhood is filled with speedbumps, but this guy took 'em like they were yellow lights. I think I got an ab workout from trying to clench my muscles to stabilize my balance when he made stops, & my internal organs may never be the same.

Also, some vagrant in the back of the bus was drinking from an actual paper bag. I'm not one to judge, so I have no guesses on what he could have been taking slugs of back there, but... oh, what am I talking about? "Judgment" is my middle name, & that guy was gettin' all liquored up in the back of public Ride-On Bus No. 26.

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