Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Onions, Alcohol & Anatomy Lessons

This is probably not how I ought to preface a post, but what the hey: I am embarrassed by how lacking this post is in content. Still, I've been hanging on to a few funny photos stored in my (new) iPhone (4!), so I thought I'd pull a photodump & share them with you:
For starters, this "side of onions." And by "side of onions," I mean THIS IS A WHOLE BOWL OF ONIONS. Like, if I put the pieces back together, I suspect it'd be at least an onion & a half. And for the record, I only ate approximately four slivers.

I don't think you can put something like "Fuzz Buster" on your menu sans description.  In fact, my friend ordered & ate it, & we still didn't know what was on it except for some special sauce called Fuzz Sauce. That is not a descriptor.

Well, OK, Target. You're sort of on the right track. Mouthwash does have alcohol in it, after all. Still, I don't think it's the kind of thing you want to, say, serve at a dinner party. The good folks at Yellow Tail may be offended.

I want to know why the House of Blues Cleveland thought this particular piece of artwork was appropriate - in the women's restroom no less. It clearly resembles some part of the female anatomy. So of course my friend Sammi & I had to stop for a photo op.
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