Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cheese & Google. Best Inventions Ever?

My friends were up to a lot of interesting things last weekend. For example, a number of my former coworkers are in New Orleans for a meeting, no doubt consuming beignets & copious amounts of liquor in their spare time. And many of my blogger friends attended PBandTuna: The Revenge, a party of epic proportions back in the District.

Me? I was cooking.

That's right! The girl who formerly resided in a kitchenless apartment is slowly but surely learning to cook - or dying trying. I'm currently visiting my boyfriend in New Hampshire for the week, & he doesn't really know how to cook either, so we decided we'd try to be the Neelys together, except white & inept & attempting to make food with some semblance of healthfulness (read: less than three sticks of butter per meal).

So we got on the ol' Google & planned out a few meals, & on Saturday, we whipped up our first attempt: mac & cheese casserole. I know, I know. You're all like:
  • Kate, this isn't a cooking blog! I don't carrrre. Get back to doing whatchu do best: being judgy & taking photos of crazy people.
  • Kate, mac & cheese casserole cannot possibly fall into the aforementioned category of "some semblance of healthfulness." 

You would certainly be correct on the first count. And, uhhh, upon my re-checking the recipe's nutritional information, you'd also be correct on the second, though the recipe did include spinach, which is healthy, right? Anyway, this mac & cheese casserole? Was so delicious that I swear I'd be over the moon if it were served to me in a restaurant. Though I can't begin to describe how my happiness tasted, it looked something like this:

Because I love you, I'm going to share with you this heavenly recipe, obtained from EatingWell.com. We changed the recipe up a bit, which I indicated below on the somewhat shoddy "recipe cards" I attempted to create. So... go forth & cook. Eat well & prosper! And please forgive me for the cards' inconsistent font sizes. Which you probably wouldn't even have noticed, but now you will. Shoot. Anyway, EAT WELL & PROSPER.

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