Thursday, October 7, 2010

I just wonder how many people had to attempt to return their damaged purchases before Goodwill decided to bite the bullet & hang this sign on their door.


  1. I would never even THINK of returning anything to the Goodwill. I mean, it's THE GOODWILL. If I do return anything, I just re-donate it.

    I'd love to see what people try and return. Or maybe, I'd be totally traumatized.

  2. Oh, I've thought of returning stuff to Goodwill, I just know I can't... the shirt I bought for my husband for the disco party that he refused to wear on account that it was actually a women's shirt. It is a size XXL and gold and I thought for sure he would never guess about it not being a man's shirt.... he knew instantly. It was the way shirt buttons work that foiled me. So I'm stuck with a gold lamé disco shirt that soooo doesn't fit me and I can't return it and I now just stare at it resentfully whenever I'm in my closet. Three dollars... wasted.

  3. P.S. Found your site via Mrspriss.com. You can find me here: herdingsquirrels.com. :^)

  4. Wouldn't it be embarrassing to ask for you 50 cents back? Some people have no shame...

  5. My girlfriend appalled me by declaring her intention to return to Goodwill a purse that turned out to be a fake rather than designer item. It was difficult to explain why this should not be done. She's from Eastern Europe, with English as a fourth language, she returns about 90 percent of everything she buys that isn't perishable. SHe doesn't have the cultural experience that says 'don't stiff the charity." But once I explained to her finally that Goodwill wasn't just a greedy for-profit company that took free stuff from suckers to resell for cash, she grudgingly agreed not to attempt a return.
    Point is, yeah, you need the sign. Not that it would have stopped her if she'd been determined to do it, but not everyone packs so much sheer bloodymindedness into a small package.


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