Conversations With My Mother

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The following is a real conversation between my mother & me this evening as we made my bed:
"I still have a set of sheets that I had in college."
"I good way to prove you're not a hoarder would be by throwing those away."
"Sheets are expensive!"
"I think you got your money's worth out of those."
"I guess that's true."
"Those sheets are almost 40 years old."
"You're loving this, aren't you? Shut up."
Guess who's who? It'd probably be fine if I were the one with college-era sheets, as I graduated in 2007. And yet...

Also, before you tease: Yes, my mom helped me make my bed, & I'm not ashamed of that. Like you wouldn't accept the assistance?! Those hospital corners are tough, yo. Also, she made me a smoothie today. So there. Do your roommates do that for you?


  1. Can your mom teach my fiancee how to make smoothies? Or can I move in with you? Either way...

  2. I would take any help offered to me. I hate making the bed!

  3. love it! you're mom is awesome :)

  4. haha :) 40 year old sheets...that's pretty impressive!

  5. Wow, I guess they don't make sheets like they used to! I actually do have some sheets that I bought in college (yes, I graduated in 2004) but in my defense they are still perfectly fine & since they they don't fit my current bed I save them for guests...hmm, maybe that's not much better (me = hoarder?).

  6. I don't know how to do hospital corners :(

  7. That's quality. I'm impressed that 40-year-old sheets were still usable.

  8. I wonder why it is that I can never make the bed as well as my mom. Also, she also has sheets from college. In the Soviet Union. And yes, I've slept on those sheets and still do when I'm back home.

  9. I'd say: fitted sheets saved my life.

  10. My grandmother's house is treasure trove of things that are older than dirt - and she loves to share how old things too. She's all "that's got to be at least 50 years old by now" and "that blanket was handmade by your dead great-aunt twice removed 43 years ago." It's endearing.

    As for me, I still have a shirt I wore at the age of 10 when I participated in a March of Dimes event.

  11. You should have your aunt the RN show you how to make those hospital corners. And your grandma has blankets older than your moms sheets that still get used for Thanksgiving


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