Friday, September 17, 2010

The Case for a Kindle

An overview of unemployment: I've applied for about 10 jobs this week, so I'm taking a Friday break before Yom Kippur is upon us. And some break it is: I'm packing for The Big Move, which deserves capital letters, while watching "The Departed" in an effort to knock off all the Best Picture films of the past 20 years (part of my 101 in 1001 List). It's almost 2pm, but I'm still wearing flannel pants - no excuses - & eating leftover pizza & sneezing up a storm because packing is an allergen.

I started by packing up my books, playing a little game of Tetris to get them to fit nicely inside the boxes I filched from my apartment's receiving room. I successfully fit all but three of my books into the biggest of the boxes, which now weighs as much as a small horse. Carefully hoisting it off of my bed, I turned to carry it into our spare bedroom; ten seconds into the process, the result is this:

Dear Amazon: Don't tell my librarian mother, but I think I'm the poster child for needing a Kindle. What say you?
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