D.C. 2010: The Perfect Storm(s)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The National Weather Service sends me approximately 30 (largely useless) email alerts a day, most of which I ignore: Heat Advisory! Flood Warning! Hurricane Watch!

Wait, what? I don’t typically pay much attention to the first two, except to wear dresses on hot days & pack an umbrella on rainy ones. But that third warning appeared in my inbox today, quickly followed by an email from my landlords about precautionary measures to take in case Hurricane Earl touches down & tears the District to shreds (my wording, not theirs).

I am from Ohio, which means that never have I ever even thought about hurricanes in my vicinity, much less received an email telling me to expect one. Lake Erie, while dirty & cold, does not exactly produce powerful, spiraling storms.

My thought process on hurricanes goes something like this: RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

But today’s Earl Watch email also got me thinking about the year in weather. Mother Nature decided to play a lot of practical jokes on the District of Columbia in 2010. What do you think her to-do list for the District looked like? Based on the eight months & two days we've already been through, I came up with the following:

You know what else should have made the list? The breaking news of bull sharks in the Potomac. EARTHQUAKES & SHARKS (& HURRICANES). This city is a Brandtson song.


  1. Cute notebook drawing! :)

  2. That's all ya got to warn us about D.C. & California... :)

  3. I love storms! But I hope that it does not cause any damage. How did you make the notebook drawing? It's awesome!

  4. Haha, yeah, this hurricane business is way new to me too. (I'm from Chicagoland, now in New Yorkland.) I said to my roommate, in all seriousness, "It'll never happen! I've lived here for five years and there's never even been a hint of a hurricane!" And she was like "Yeah, I think the history of New York is a little longer than 5 years... it's more like..." and I interrupted to change the subject. But seriously, hurricane? What?

  5. Hurricanes are a lot more fun that they sound. I've been through Hugo, Floyd and they're all just as fun as the one before. Unless you're unfortunate enough to have a pet carried away by one...like my neighbors. But it's so much fun taking a bunch of board games and food into the basement and playing by candle light. You'll learn to love them.

  6. Welcome to Florida! Where we have hurricane season every late summer. It doesn't really freak me out, unless it's really bad but thankfully (knock on wood) we haven't had any bad ones in a few years. :)


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