Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let's Get Interactive: Now Presenting the Winter Crazies Photo Challenge!

I once dubbed myself "the queen of pseudo-surreptitious Metro photography," back when my cellular telephone had an epic zoom feature that enabled my sneaky habits. Sadly, my current gizmo lacks such a feature, making it much trickier for me to take the kind of crazy-awkward pics I used to pride myself on.

Another problem: It's cold now! And that means that my fingers are almost always gloved when I'm outside. And that means I can't use my damn touch-screen phone while I'm out & about. (PS: I love you, iPhone, I just gotta vent.)

This has felt particularly problematic this month, when I've passed amazingly dressed individuals on the cold streets of DC & have been unable to capture their glory to share with you here on the Interwebs. Men in Russian fur hats, women in Innuit-esque jackets, kids in full-facial mugger gear. Seriously, where do these people think they live? Siberia? Listen, the Midwesterners I know would spit on you wimps. And their spit would freeze before it hit the ground because that's how cold it is there.

Anyway, Midwest puffery aside, I want to take this opportunity to ask for your assistance. Will you send me the best cell photos you can snap of the crazily dressed winterphobes in your cities & towns? I'll compile the pics into some sort of funny collage... & the photographer of my favorite entry will win something wintry. I don't know what it is yet, but don't get your hopes too high. Mostly I'm just in this for the humor & the hats. But I swear, the humor & the hats will be enough. A real winter wonderland.

You have until midnight on January 20th - that's two whole weeks, so get photographing & send me your pics at (or, if you've got my number, just text it to me). To get you started, I leave you with this guy:

Because nothing says "business attire" like a three-piece suit & an ear-flapped fur hat.
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