I've Got Superbad Judgment...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh, happy day! The Blockbuster at 17th & P is going out of business (may it rest in peace), & now that it's only got six days left before its doors shut forever, all previously viewed DVDs are now on super-sale - just $2 apiece!

I almost never buy movies, so I jumped at this opportunity to increase my DVD collection tenfold, almost literally (if tenfold means "plus 10" & not "times 10" - I'm not sure which it really means...) So, of course, I went crazy snapping up cheesy flicks that I can leave on in the background while I multitask, because no matter what I'm doing or how hard I'm concentrating, I almost always leave the TV on - hazards of being an only child!

In all, I walked away with nine new movies. Judge me & my amazing taste if you must - yes, there are two Zac Efron films in the bunch, plus an amazing '90s film that features a clothed monkey - but more importantly, while you're judging, please also take note of the idiotic mistake I made... & didn't realize until my roommate pointed it out to me:

Who let me into this smart-people city?! OY.


  1. fold = x

    State of Play was alright, but did you, like most other DC people I know who saw it, notice the glaring Metro error in the beginning of the film?

  2. Hehe, I just noticed your mistake as well, oh well at least it was only two dollars worth of a mistake, right? And you can probably sell it to somebody else for like three, thus making a nice tidy profit!

  3. Well Superbad is a REALLY enjoyable movie, so having 2 DVDs can't be that bad, eh? I mean, you can leave it on multiple TVs at once and pretend you live IN Best Buy...

    Hey I'm trying here ;) jkjk! It is a good movie - so are a bunch of these!! And for $2 you really can't go wrong at alllllll.

    PS - I totally leave the TV on at all times. I live alone, and it really helps make the house feel more filled. I know most commercials by sound only, in fact ;)

  4. i am trying SO HARD not to judge you on the HSM3 purchase. you're lucky you are adorable, girly.

  5. oh no you di'int!!! and i want to see 17 Again like whoa, seriously it looks sooo awesome. so the only judgment you are getting from my corner is the uber positive kind.

  6. Zac Efron is never a bad choice. NEVER.

  7. I'm actually really jealous that you own 17 again. Damn it.

  8. haha! At least you have a gift ready or a door prize for a last minute party.

  9. It took me a few seconds to realize your mistake. Also, I counted like a gazillion times- are there only 9?

  10. Yeah, I definitely had to stare at this to get your mistake. Either you're a master of illusion, or I'm an unobservant idiot.

    I totally leave movies on all the time too. Great to have the bg noise and you already know what's going on so you can stop in and watch your favorite part, then get back to cleaning or whatever.

  11. um, AMAZING choice on high school musical 3. it took ALL of my strength to not buy the trilogy boxed set. if i didn't already own all 3, i'd have snapped up the shiny red box in an instant.

  12. hollerrrrrr i fell asleep on NYE watching HSM. dont judge :) also, state of play: kickass!

  13. um, it took rereading the title of the post for me to see the problem here. hah. so i'd be right next to you, buying duplicate copies as well...

  14. Not gonna lie, were it not for the comments, I never would've figured this out until I watched Superbad twice. And then I would've been happy because I watched Superbad twice.

    Fun Fact: Reason why most DC movies have glaring errors during the metro scenes? Metro doesn't let them film there and so we get the Blue line connecting to the Polka Dot line that resembles LA.

    Fun Fact 2: "Fruct" was my word verification. It made me laugh and I now wish to use it as a curse word. Fruct!

  15. OMFG, thank you for the heads up! I went to Blockbuster last night and picked up (amongst others that are legit good):
    Zombies Anomymous
    Mega Snake
    Invasion of the Pod People
    Sharks in Venice
    Lake Placid 2

    Flops and Hops!

  16. It took me a minute then I had to read these comments in order to realized what you did wrong.

  17. geez what a great deal! I love that you got two Efrons. Adorable.


  18. A. Dunston Checks In is a CLASSIC.
    B. Superbad is amazing.
    C. Who doesn't love some Zac Efron? I know I do...

  19. Now you have a spare in case you lose the other! Or, you can leave one in DC and take one home to Mom, so you can always watch it, no matter where you are!


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