Cliches Exist for a Reason (I'm Talking to You, March for Lifers)

Monday, January 25, 2010

I love a good cliche. In fact, I love them so much that my very thoughtful roommate bought me The Facts on File: Dictionary of Cliches for Chanukah (he knows me well!). Presently, there are a few cliches out there that have to do with talking: "Don't speak unless spoken to," for example, and "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." (Thanks, Thumper.) I'm sure there are others.

After watching this Sum of Change video from my friend Plight of the Pumpernickel, who took to the National Mall last week to interview anti-choicers at their massive March for Life rally, I would like to introduce a new cliche: Don't speak unless you know what the dickens you're talking about.

Come back to our fair city when you've read a newspaper or two. Better yet: Read the bills!


  1. Thanks for the link love :)

    It was really astounding how many people didn't have any information on the issue they were protesting. Really, really astounding.

  2. I really wish I had sounds right now. What are they saying?!?

  3. Wow. This is awful. All it takes is a few people saying that it covers abortion and then a bunch of people will think it's true. Ugh.

  4. This was so disturbing - the fear that lies repeated enough can bring about in the masses. Americans don't know enough about the health care bill!

  5. Posting this anonymously because well, I guess I am not exactly ready for more than just my friends to know what I have been through, though I guess you probably log IP addresses anyhow. Oh well.

    Do I know what's in the healthcare bill? Hell no. 1)It hasn't been made public yet 2)It is 90 million years long. However I am going to say it is safe to assume that not only does it not touch abortion, we women could not be lucky enough that it even broaches the subject of organizations such as Planned Parenthood. You know, ones that "support abortion." If any of these women had done themselves a favor (or their mothers, better yet) and stepped in an actual Planned Parenthood, they would know that this is very far from the truth.

    Obama may be slow, indecisive and politically impotent (yes I voted for him and yes I am upset he's done pretty much ummmmo nothing), but he is no idiot. Touching abortion is the most unwise any political leader could do, unfortunately. And nor is he someone that supports it, politically speaking, as he has never shown any evidence that he is politically pro-choice. Just because the man is black and isn't spewing GOD out of his mouth every other sentence, he is some sort of crazy baby killin heretic, the people who attend these marches/protests/teabagger things are truly the lowest common denominator of Americans, who lack the ability to string together coherent sentences yet they can drive their American made cars to these things and breed terrible ideas. Speaking of cliches, don't I sound like an embittered liberal?

    Anyhow, what the fuck would be wrong with throwing poor women some money for an abortion? Because I know these hypocritical trash are not going to be giving the same poor women money for that baby once they birth the baby they were not able (or in their dreamworld, allowed) to abort. It's disgusting. "Oh we certainly don't want that baby dead prior to it coming out the birth canal but once it comes out? That baby can fuck itself. Have fun with the crack babies crackwhores!" Cos you know, that's what all poor unwed mothers are, crackwhores.

    But what is wrong with helping out abortions? A little under a year ago I was unknowingly raped while I was passed out drunk by a guy who I assumed was my friend for the last couple months we had been hanging out. I seriously had no idea he had sex with me while I was asleep and he certainly didn't plan on telling me. And I guess I would have never known had I not put the pieces together a little under a month later than I was pregnant. I hadn't had sex in months yet here I was, back pain, spotting, uterus cramping, swollen chest, hunger pangs, etc etc all that fun shit that I realized added up to me being pregnant. I was never more terrified in my life. After realizing it was him, I forced a little over half of the money out of him, my roommate paid for the rest. Do I do drugs? Please, I just tried marijuana for the first time right around turning 24. Am I some lazy degenerate living off America's "hard earned tax dollars?" No, I was a college student working to pay my own rent. So I had nothing. Was I going to keep or even go through 9 months of pregnancy to put a baby up for adoption that I had no recollection of conceiving? What kind of world are we living in where someone could look at the situation I was in and say that I was culpable? Say that I had to suffer as a result of some piece of shit's action?

    Videos like these always use to rile me up, but now they always just hit home. There are so many more women much worse off than me who fall into my situation every fucking day and these women and men don't care, as long as it means another fetus gets to turn into a baby that will be raised in a poverty stricken home.

    Ignorance is more than just infuriating. It is terrifying.

  6. oh and

  7. videos like this make me physically.. i don't know, exactly, except it's an actual physical reaction. and it's not a good one. my chest is tight and my stomach is knotted and it makes me start thinking truly terrible thoughts, like i hope some of those ignorant assholes have to go through something like anonymous up there went through, and THEN ask them how the feel about planned parenthood. and i'd rather not have such terrible thoughts toward other people, but then again i'd also rather not have fucking ignorant dipwads making up provisions that don't exist in a bill solely to try and rally people into blocking poorer americans from any sort of attainable health care. because god, wouldn't THAT BE THE END OF THE WORLD, if our lower income citizens could afford to get their babies anitibiotics? who would want to live in such a horrific dystopia like that?


  8. People are scary. And what's scarier, is that all those people have the right to vote, and most of them probably do, even though they obviously have no idea what the hell is going on. Thanks for sharing this!


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