Small Goals for April 2023

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

OK, guess it's April alreadyyyy.
Time flies when you're gettin' old, huh? The weather is distinctly springy here right now, and the daffodils in my front yard are in full bloom, so I'm feeling excited about sunny days and impending outdoorsiness.
Here's how my March goals went:

  1. Make plans for a day trip to Jamestown, NY. Not done. We had to postpone this trip because of scheduling conflicts, so this didn't happen. But I did book a trip to New Orleans for a friend's bachelorette party!
  2. List purses and shoes online. Started but not finished. I've listed some but not all of the items I'm trying to sell on Poshmark. This shit takes forever, but I really want to prioritize it so I can make money and get it all outta my house. 
  3. Write in my journal 10 times. Not done. I wrote in my journal twice. I basically forgot all about this goal. Womp, wommmmp.

  4. Start a new Mussar book. Done x2. Don't get me wrong, I didn't finish the books themselves. But I did start reading two of them! Both are great so far, and I'm excited to further my study of this topic.
  5. Attend all of my personal training sessions. Done. One of these was canceled because my trainer was recovering from surgery... and the timing was good for me because I was recovering from COVID. But I attended all the others. 

  6. Try one of Ready Set's March specials. Done. I went to Ready Set with my friend Jenny after one of our training sessions, where we both got a blue latte with icing "clouds" and edible gold flakes. So cute, so tasty! 
Honestly, I don't know what my April goals should be? I had a hard time coming up with these... but here's what we've got.
  1. Write in my Mussar journal every day. It's a big swing to go from a failed 10-times-in-a-month goal to a new every-single-day goal, but this one is important to me, so I'm gonna give it a go.
  2. Create a podcast launch plan. My friend Alex and I are planning to start a podcast together, but we're not quiiiite there yet. We're meeting again in two weeks, and I'm hoping we can hammer out our plans so we can move forward later this spring. 
  3. Finish a personal writing project. Gonna keep this one a little bit mum for now, but I have a quick turnaround on a self-imposed deadline, and I'm excited to get through it.

  4. Post to my Lakewood food IG at least five times. This is an arbitrary number, but I just haven't been posting there much lately, and I want to keep it going! 
I usually do five small goals, but I figured I don't need to make extra work for myself just for the sake of it. The four I've listed here are all somewhat labor-intensive, in the aggregate, so they should keep me plenty busy.
What are your small (or large!) goals for the month? 

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