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Friday, April 7, 2023

Recently I realized that a big chunk of the podcasts I listen to are TV recap-related. Like... a big chunk of them. I thought it might be fun to share which ones I love and see if you listen to any or have any recommendations, as apparently, this is one of my genres of choice. 

In many cases, I like the podcasts more than the shows themselves. Why else would I have been watching The Bachelor all of these years?! Here are my favorite TV-related podcasts. What are yours?

Bachelor Party
This is my all-time favorite Bachelor franchise recap podcast, and it's always the first one I listen to. Co-hosted by podcaster extraordinaire Juliet Litman and retired pro athlete Callie Curry, it's always a fun look at the shows. They also discuss Love Island, which I don't watch, but they're about to recap season three (an older one), so I may give it a watch and see how it goes. 
Binge Mode
This podcast is old news by now, and they no longer record new episodes, but how could I not include it? Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion's iconic podcast has covered The Mandalorian, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Harry Potter series, and my TV favorite, Game of Thrones. I listened to this podcast rabidly when the show was still on, and I was recently thinking that I should relisten to all of it... is that crazy?!
Love to See It
This is my other favorite Bachelor franchise podcast, hosted by two former Huffington Post writers who now podcast and write about pop culture full-time. This one has a specifically feminist bent, and it's always a refreshing listen amid of sea of trash takes both from and about the show elsewhere. On their other podcast, which is subscriber-only, they recap other shows and movies, too. 
The Prestige TV Podcast
This podcast from The Ringer covers a variety of TV shows, including Succession, Yellowstone, and Daisy Jones and the Six, none of which I watch, so none of which I listen to. But it also recaps Yellowjackets, and I'm all in for those episodes. I love hearing from Mallory Rubin, especially, best known for cohosting Binge Mode. I love the podcast almost as much as I love the show!
That's Messed Up: An SVU Podcast
I didn't love this one in the beginning, as I found the hosts, both comedians, to be too much for my liking, in general. But I've really come around on it, and now I eagerly await the release of a new episode each week so that I can follow along as they recap an episode of Law and Order: SVU that I have almost certainly seen at least three times. 
The Unsub Is a White Man
Criminal Minds fans, unite! I can't remember how I first found this pod, but I sure am glad I did. I recently binged all 70-something episodes, which are hosted by two friends (coworkers, maybe?) who go through every episode, starting from the beginning. They end with "Hotch Watch," a look at how personable (or not) BAU Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner is.
You Don't Know Jackie
I'm new to this one, and I'm not yet sold on it, mostly because the hosts have very intense New Jersey accents that I honestly can't handle, & they also don't seem to really like one another? But I'll take all the Yellowjackets content I can get, so I'm in, at least for now! I think there are other Yellowjackets pods out there, so I may experiment with some others to see which one scratches the itch. 
Do you listen to any TV recap podcasts? Which ones? Why do I want even morrrrre of them?! 

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  1. Jason Conception has a new podcast called X-Ray Vision that's also focused on recapping/discussing TV, you may like it if you liked Binge Mode :)


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