CLE Weekends, a New Series (Pt. I)

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

I feel like I haven't had a ton to write about lately, but I want to be able to get back in the groove of regularly sharing blog posts. SO for now, I'm going to start doing these "Weekends in the CLE" posts to share what I've been up to, where I've gone, & what I recommend.

Truth be told, my weekend was largely spent indoors, hiding from the snow & bingeing Chicago Fire. I did approximately zero house-related things this weekend, too, because that shit is exhausting. And I finished my first books of February, though I already know I can't compete with the 11 books I finished in January

But I got in some fun stuff! Here's what I checked out over the weekend. What did you get into?! 

Thrifting at Sweet Lorain

Here's another place I haven't been since before the pandemic: my favorite vintage shop! Sweet Lorain is filled with the wildest finds, from home goods to clothing to tchotchkes, & I was thrilled when Mike asked if we could check it out. We didn't hit pay dirt this time, but it's always fun to explore. 

Fun fact: Before I moved to Cleveland, Sweet Lorain was one of a handful of places that my friend Lindsey brought me one weekend to try to convince me to relocate here from D.C. Honestly? It worked. 

Meeting up with local influencers 

I was excited to be invited to join Instagrammers Aimon & Connor at their Galentine's Day event at Biographie, a gorgeous natural studio. There were 30+ women there, all hand-picked by the hostesses to make up a diverse group of interesting, progressive women to celebrate together & make new friends. I was nervous to meet so many new people and to be dressed up after two years of sweatpants, but it was a really lovely time. 

We had lunch from Cocky's Bagels, got little gift bags from brands like Stella & Shay Beauty Bar, & took photos in front of a stunning backdrop handmade by the talented owner of Designer Events LLC. And Aimon, one of the hosts, runs Fashion Talks, which you should absolutely check out if you're into fashion, networking, etc. She's doing big (fun, beautiful) things!

Coffee from Rising Star

This beloved local chain is one that has never made it to the top of my list, but for no real reason other than that there are so many local coffee shops to love! Now that we live near-ish to one, though, Rising Star is starting to creep into my radar more often.

Especially of note is their Promised Land Latte, comprising espresso, honey, cinnamon & steamed milk. It is to die for, a little bit sweet & a lot cozy, & it was the perfect caffeine fix on a cold, sunny Sunday.

Dinner in a bubble at Georgetown | Vosh

On Friday, some friends were going to Georgetown | Vosh for dinner in one of those clear, geodesic domes. I hadn't seen them since 2019, & I've never eaten in a bubble, so I was all-in. My scallops were good, if salty, & we split a lobster pizza appetizer (bougie!), among other things. 

But if I'm being honest, the company was better than the restaurant experience. The hostesses didn't have our reservation on file & were a little rude, & we got booted promptly at the two-hour mark, despite the fact that it was an hour to close. I do love bubble dining, though!

Browsing at Cleveland Curiosities

This is another spot I've written about before (including for Ohio Magazine!), but it bears repeating because this oddities shop is just so damn cool. Some folks might call Cleveland Curiosities creepy, but I just think it's... shall we say curious? Again, we didn't walk away with anything on this trip, but I always love browsing. 


What are you up to? Where have you been? Exploring anything fun these days?! 

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