Things I Love Right Now (Pt. XI)

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Apparently it's been two years since I did a post about products I love, but, uhhh, no time like the present, right? Seriously, I feel like I do these all the time, but... I guess not. So here are just a few things I've been loving these days. How about you? 

1. The perfect notebook

It's back-to-school season, so let's talk school supplies - or in the case of us non-teachers & non-parents, regular old everyday work shit. I take a lot of notes for work, & the only notebooks I now use are Mead Five Star 2-Subject Notebooks in the 9.5 x 6 in. size.

2. A really refreshing cleanser

Youth to the People's Superfood Cleanser is made with kale, spinach, and green tea (& presumably other stuff, since it's not just, like, a smoothie). It's recommended for oily skin, & it truly makes mine feel like it's never even seen oil. Can't beat that!

3. Comfy face masks

My favorite face masks come from Jaanu, a WOC-owned scrubs company. They come in plenty of colors, though I only own black & grey; they're sturdy but soft, breathable but feel protective, & they're easy to wash. 

4. My old favorite subscription box

As part of a promise to Mike, I took a break from subscription boxes in the lead-up to our wedding... but before the pandemic, I ponied up to return to my old favorite, the FabFitFun Box. I know, I know, am I a podcast advertiser? But man, I swear, getting this box is just so freaking fun.

5. A water bottle that keeps everything cold

My mom gave me a ThermoFlask she bought in a two-pack from Costco, & it's the best waterbottle ever. We went hiking on a 90-degree day, & when we got back to the car, she was like, "Do you want iced coffee?" & handed me the bottle; I literally laughed in her face, assuming it would be boiling hot after hours in the sun... but it had stayed ice cold!

6. Zippered scrunchies

One of my greatest recent discoveries is the Zipper Pouch Scrunchie from Scronchies by Peach. They're handmade, they come in 16 colors, & they're not made of velvet, which is important because I hate velvet & these were the only non-velvet zipper scrunchies I found on Etsy. I ordered three more while writing this.

7. Stackable makeup 

Oops, I fell for another Instagram ad... but this one seems worth it so far. Subtl Beauty asks you to take a quiz about your skin - color, oiliness, issues - & then recommends specific colors, etc., based on your responses. Each element, from concealer to bronzer to cheek color, comes in a little pot, & they all screw together into one easy-to-keep-track-of stack. 

8. Rewatching an old fave

There are so, so many seasons of Law & Order: SVU that even though I started with season eight, I've still got 12 seasons to go through! I'm currently on season 14, with plenty more to go. Can I just say something controversial? Stabler's character does not hold up in 2020. 

9. Orthopedic shoes that don't look orthopedic 

A friend recommended Kuru Footwear after hearing that I'd been struggling with heel pain from plantar fasciitis. I ordered the ATOM sneakers, & the weekend they arrived, I walked about seven miles, almost entirely pain-free. Best of all, they're not embarrassingly old-person-looking.

10. The best Cleveland tee

Before I lived in Cleveland, I used to joke about how Clevelanders love nothing more than wearing Cleveland shirts. It's true... & I've become one of them! The kind folks at Ilthy sent me my favorite shirt yet: CLEVELAND AGAINST THE WORLD, y'all.

What are you loving these days? Share some faves! 

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