Quarantine Life: A List of 8 Good Things During Bad Times

Monday, April 6, 2020

The world is bonkers right now. You don't need me to tell you why. No matter where you are, we are all in some sort of similar situation right now, the world over.

I mean, sort of - in a general way.

I know, of course, that all of our specifics scenarios & circumstances vary greatly, & know, too, that I am incredibly fortunate to have a work-from-home job, good health & health insurance, a safe home, & relative overall security during a time when so many people do not.

I do not want to discount all of those; they are, truly, the epitome of privilege in this moment. I just mean to convey that... well, we're all dealing with this, in some way or another. We're all scared. We're all sad. We're all unsure. We're all hurting, somehow or another.

And so, I'm keeping a little list. It's a big list, actually - a big list of little things that are still good, that are keeping me happy, that are allowing me to find joy in the everyday, even when the everyday is so very unstable & unknown.

Are you keeping a list, too? I'd love to hear what's on it. Here's mine, for now. 

1. I'm learning to cook.
No time like the present, right? I'm finding recipes on my friend's Instagram account, @PaigePlates, & using Supercook, which aggregates your pantry ingredients & tells you what you can make with them. I've made bolognese, steel-cut oats, salami fried rice, & chicken stir-fry, to name a few, & I've made apple crisp muffins three weeks in a row; they're so freaking good.

2. I'm using Marco Polo to "chat" with friends.
I'm currently very into Marco Polo, which a friend invited me to join because we can never seem to find a good time (yes, even under quarantine) to hop on the phone or FaceTime. You basically go back & forth with video messages, like you're in conversation together - perfect for friends on different schedules or in separate time zones.

3. I took my cat outside in a backpack. Yes, really.
About a month ago, before things got crazy, Kimi blogged about taking her cats for a hike in a "Fat Cat Backpack" from Your Cat Backpack. They were on sale, so... I bought one, too. I've taken Dora outside only once so far, & she didn't take to it very well, but I have faith that she's gonna come around. We'll keep trying.

4. I'm rewatching some beloved TV shows.
A lot of people are using this time to binge new-to-them content, but I feel soothed by old stuff, which is why I'm re-watching Criminal Minds(Yes, I just called a serial killer show "soothing.") I also started re-watching Girls, which I know I'm supposed to hate but honestly just... can't. No show has ever made me feel as seen & understood as season one of Girls did.

5. My neighbor made some special deliveries.
A couple weeks ago, my neighbor Lauren did a grocery run &, knowing how nervous I've been about going out, she delivered me baking powder & snacks. Then, last week, she dropped off homemade bialys that made for some amazing home breakfast sandwiches!

6. My family hosted a virtual surprise party for my cousin.
We wanted to be sure that Emily, who was turning 33 alone, felt the birthday love, so we got on Zoom early & sang to her when she arrived. There were even costumes! My mom wore a pink wig, my aunts wore cowboy hats (not pictured), & we all toasted the birthday girl. 

7. I've finally discovered that, yes, TikTok is hilarious. 
Although I will likely never post anything to TikTok, I do really like browsing it. I've saved a few funny videos for times when I need a laugh, & there are so many dancing challenges to to distract me. (Will I ever not have "Who taught you how to drive stick..." stuck in my head?).

8. I'm riding at home.
I bought a used spin bike from Harness Cycle, & I'm loving their new at-home platform, feelgoodmovement.co. They drop a new class every day, so I can ride "with" my favorite instructors! I also signed up for 90 days of Peloton access, so I can switch it up a little with classes that have a different vibe.

So there you have it, at least for now. There are more things, though, & I'm trying to keep track of them so that when things feel terrible & scary & sad, I can revisit the good stuff & try to stay positive.

How are you doing? What's keep you going during this weird, worrisome time? Stay safe, friends. I miss you. 

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