6 Small Goals for October

Monday, October 7, 2019

After missing the mark on all of my August goals, I set three big but vague ones for September in an effort to reset & restart. I'm happy to report that September was muuuuch more chill & emotionally successful than the hectic, crazed month that preceded it.

In all, I feel prepared to set six regular goals for myself for October, like I usually do - which means that September was a successful reset! Here's how things went:

  1. Relax - like, for real - on our vacation. Mike & I had such an amazing time in New England... & I just realized I haven't written a single word about it yet! It was just such an incredible time together, & I felt so, so calm both during & after. Bold claim: It might've been my favorite vacation ever.
  2. Do some introspection during Elul. Mike & I did some journaling & joint goal-setting while on vacation, which was so helpful & motivating. Since then, as a direct result, I've joined WW, started keeping a health journal, scaled back my social calendar & my freelance work. & more. 
  3. Find someplace to go for the High Holidays. I spent Rosh HaShanah at a Reform synagogue in nearby Beachwood, which was just lovely. 
And here's what's on dock for October - & even though we're already a week in, don't worry, I set these goals last week. (I know, you were so worried.)
  1. Continue my health journal every day of the month. For three weeks, I've been doing a great job of tracking everything from sleep to steps to blood pressure to WW points, & I'm finding it really helpful. 
  2. Track my food intake even on days when I'm embarrassed. In the past, I haven't found success in food tracking whenever I "overeat," I decide that I just won't track it. Then it's like it never happened right?! No. That's now how that works.
  3. Ride seven times. I'm behind on rides since coming home from New England. While seven a month is way under par from spring, it seems like a doable goal at this point in time.
  4. Switch my cell phone provider. AT&T has become such a racket: I use up all my data every month & end up owing them tons of extra money, so my mom & I, who are still on a family plan, are planning to switch to Cricket Wireless. Yes, really.
  5. Effectively manage my job transition. I got a promotion! Someone else is taking on my current role! I'm excited about both, but because it's going to be a bit of a difficult transition, handing over the old stuff & sorting out the new, so I'm trying to be thoughtful & strategic about it.
  6. Be present at my upcoming women's retreat. Remember how I attended a self-care retreat last October? Apparently this is the month for it: Soon, I'm doing a one-day retreat of a similar variety, & I'm again nervous about my (in?)ability to be, like, as woo-woo as these events sometimes require. I'm going to try really hard to go in with an open mind & hard, standard cynicism be damned. 
How'd you do in September? And what are you working on this month?

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