6 Small Goals for June

Monday, June 3, 2019

Whoaaaa, hello, summer! As always seems to be the case, this year sure is moving along at a clip... Here's how the last of my spring goals went:
  1. Get my airbags replaced. I'm crossing this off even though it's not yet done. When I finally called, I had to wait for an available appointment - which is happening later this week. Bonus: I had to change the name on my car insurance in order to get a rental car during the airbag replacement; while on the phone with my insurance company, I also upgraded Mike's & my combined insurance, so I completed additional adulthood chores while working on the airbag one! 
  2. No French fries. I did an OK job of this, but honestly, it wasn't because I was paying close attention. I "had" to get fries while working on a couple of freelance dining review for Cleveland Magazine, but beyond that, I didn't order fries all month - mostly because it was a busy month, & I ate a lot of Thai food instead. Accidental win? 
  3. Limit my Instagram posts. I did a pretty good job of this one! There were a couple days when I posted two photos instead of one or none, but there were other days when I didn't post any, so I think it all evens out. This one felt really healthy, & I'll try to stick to it going forward. 
  4. Try Orange Theory Fitness. Nope. Life got in the way - but this is still on my imminent to-do list. 
  5. Save some money. Yes! I kept my spending way down this month, & where I did spend, I spent on things I needed - like, say, new shoes & new underwear. 
  6. Turn in my freelance work before it's due. This one is a little bit iffy - yes on some, no on others. I turned one piece in a full day late, & I submitted another at 1:30am the night it was due, but I turned in a couple other pieces a full day or two early - so I'll call this one a win, with some extra work to be done going forward. The days I did meet early deadlines felt so freeing! 
And here's what's on the docket for June, now that we're a few days in:
  1. Schedule my summer. Mike & I went through our summer calendar in passing, & oh, that was super overwhelming. I need to sit down with a calendar & a computer, figure everything out, buy plane tickets & make other reservations, etc., so summer feels fun instead of terrifying. 
  2. Turn in all my expense reports. Last month, I got in a liiiiittle bit of hot water for neglecting to submit my work expense reports in a timely fashion. This month, I want to be on the ball, sending it in my mid-month for last month's D.C. travel & also submitting freelance reimbursements for expenses related to my recent writing.
  3. Work out at least 12 times. I feel like I'm been slacking the last couple of months, especially because of all my travel, & I'd like to feel good about my movement again. Time to get back on a bike... or finally to Orange Theory? Or back to Rise Nation? Lots of options!
  4. Show my car some love. My poor Mazda deserves some TLC! I'm getting my airbags replaced & having another part fixed while it's there; when I get it back, I'm gonna unload all the crap from it & take it to a detailing place in Lakewood where Mike recently had his car cleaned. 
  5. Go to the dry cleaners. There's a bag of stuff in my car (of course it's in my car) that really needs to be taken to the dry cleaners - & I juuuuust keep not doing it, because my car is a bottomless pit. 
  6. Submit an essay to a new-to-me outlet. A friend hooked me up with the possibility of sending submissions to a popular site that I've never written for; I want to figure out what I could pitch to them & then, you know, actually pitch it.
That feels like sort of a hectic month, huh? But I've also got some fun stuff planned, like a girls' trip to Osso Farm Restaurant in Chardon, a relaxing weekend in the woods of PA with my cousins, & a bunch of activities & events related to Cleveland Young Professionals Week (read about that in this past blog post & join me for some of these events!). 

I'm also trying really hard not to think about the fact that I'll miss one of my all-time favorite bands, Rooney, performing a 20th-anniversary show at the Beachland Ballroom while I'm in Pennsylvania... I need to look into other fun summer concerts to help ease that pain!

What are your goals for June? How'd you do in May? 

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