6 Small Goals for May

Friday, May 3, 2019

I did a pretty good job of April, except for the one thing that's literally life-or-death, so, um, let's not talk about that one. Here's what I did accomplish last month:
  1. Get my airbags replaced. Shhhhh.
  2. Look into volunteer work. Too much April travel addled my brain, & I forgot all about this goal! I'd like to try it again this month. 
  3. Try (at least) two new-to-me gyms and/or workouts. I took two Rise Nation classes with my new ClassPass membership, & I did a trampoline exercise class  with a friend while in NYC. I also joined my local Planet Fitness... mostly for the hydromassage option. 
  4. Write a pitch for an upcoming anthology. Done... & accepted! I'm excited to share that I'm working on an essay about my childhood experience with scoliosis for a new anthology from Kelly Jensen, the genius editor behind Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World. Stay tuned for more on this! And now, to write my actual essay...
  5. Do something new-to-me in NYC. If you follow me on Instagram (shameless plug), you might've seen my photos from The Color Factory, which I visited with friends last Friday. We had so much fun, & I'll be writing about it here soon. Gotta prioritize that anthology piece, though! 
  6. Hit my Apple Watch move goals every day in April. I am so proud to say that I accomplished this one! I mean, sure, I was helped along by the fact that I spent nearly two weeks in New York, but I also stuck to my own tips for getting in more steps every day. My daily move goal was set to 550 calories (which I hit); I also did my best to hit 10k steps a day (which didn't always happen). LOOK AT THIS!

I'd love to keep that up in May, so let's see how I do... & now, onto my "real" May goals: 
  1. Get my airbags replaced. I think I need to keep this one on my goals list until I actually do it. This is me trying to shame myself into action.
  2. No French fries. Even when I'm eating relatively healthfully, French fries are my damn weakness. Mostly, I love them because I love barbecue sauce. Aren't fries the perfect vehicle for consuming as much barbecue sauce?! Just say no to French fries in May.
  3. Limit my Instagram posts. I'm starting to feel like I post way too much to Instagram, so this month, I'm to post once a day (or less) to my main feed. Can I do it? Wish me luck.
  4. Try Orange Theory Fitness. A few of my friends have been sharing their newfound love of OTF workouts (read Berrak's story here), & I want to give it a try. The first class is free; anyone local wanna join me?
  5. Save some money. Two trips to NYC during April, even partially on work's dime, drained my account more than a little. Time to close that wallet for a little bit!
  6. Turn in my freelance work before it's due. I've always been a wait-until-the-last-minute type when it comes to completing assignments, & it's a habit that's become even more frustrating as I grow older. I have two Cleveland Magazine pieces, three pieces of sponsored blog content, & one anthology essay draft due this month... & I would like to turn in at least half of them at least 24 hours before they're do. Honestly, this feels like one of my loftiest goals yet. 
How'd you do in April? What's on your docket for May? 

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