Jump On It: My First Trampoline Workout Class

Friday, April 26, 2019

One of my April goals was to try two new-to-me gyms or workouts, so earlier this month, I did two Rise Nation classes - which I loved & which absolutely destroyed me, functionally, for, like, a week afterward. I wanted to try something new & fun while on my second NYC trip of the month, but I didn't exactly budget in the time for a SoulCycle class - so when my friend Sam asked if I wanted to join her for a class at trampoLEAN, you could say I jumped at the chance.

Sam & I met in 2006, the year before my senior year (errr, second senior year) of college, when we both participated in a Jewish internship program in Washington, D.C., with the organization where I went on to work after graduation. She now works for an affiliated organization, so we're technically coworkers, though we don't get to see one another often - so we mostly keep up via social media & our blogs. You can find hers at La Petite Pear.

I met her after work in the Flatiron District, which told me that some people now joking call the "Fitiron District" because it's so full of gyms & studios. I couldn't seem to find the trampoLEAN studio, even though my GPS said I was standing right outside it, so I waited for Sam to arrive. Good thing, too, because trampoLEAN is located inside a ballroom dance studio, & you have to walk across the ballroom floor to get to the trampoline room - literally trying not to get mowed down by dancers as you do.

It's a small room full of 18 individual trampolines, with fitness bands hanging from the ceiling. Thea walked us (err, jumped us?) through each part of the workout, from doing jumping jacks to running to doing all sorts of Zumba-like cardio moves - all on the trampoline. I couldn't keep up with all of it, but truth be told, neither could most other participants, so I didn't feel out of place or too flaily.

The only thing I really couldn't do a the bit of trampoline yoga, when we were supposed to get on all fours on our trampoline & do leg raises, etc. My busted knee is still kind of busted - that bone bruise screams in pain if I try to kneel on my right knee - so I did those exercises on my back instead.

Overall? Super hard workout, but also a really fun one. I wouldn't have been brave enough to try it without a friend, so it was great to do it with someone who already knew the ropes. Afterward, Sam & I got wine & cassoulets at Vin Sur Vingt (half-priced bottles of rosé at happy hour!) then met our friend Andrea for liquor-infused ice cream from Tipsy Scoop. I ordered the Hot Buttered Rum ice cream, made with cinnamon & ginger & infused with rum.

By the end of the day, I'd walked/jumped a total of 20,000+ steps & nearly 10 miles, burning more than 1,500 calories. Suffice it to say, I didn't feel an ounce of guilt about that ice cream - & I slept like a baby in my miniature hotel room & my twin bed.

I'm proud of myself for branching out & trying new workouts - something that, at one point in my life not very long ago, felt absolutely terrifying, bordering on undoable. Am I super in-shape? Hell no. Can I always keep up? Definitely not. But am I excited about trying new things & giving it a go? A million times yes.

Sooo... what workouts should I try next month?!

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