Things I Love Right Now (Pt. XII)

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

It's been a little while since I've done one of these, but I've amassed enough stuff worth sharing that I thought it was time for another. Here are 10 things on my heart-eyes list these days. How about you?
  1. Rae Dunn Weekly Desk PadI snagged this pad at Marshall's for a whopping $5, & even though I have a real, monthly planner that I love, this little calendar pad helps me get/stay more organized than ever. I like that the squares are big & undated, & it has a "To-Do" section along the right-hand side.
  2. White Cedar hemp oilI'd never tried CBD oil or hemp oil, so when White Cedar reached out, I jumped at the chance to try their organic hemp oil extract for pain & stress relief. It has a "cinnamint" flavor but still has an aftertaste of cannabis; I think it works best when taken with food or water. And it works! My knee pain & some other aches & pains feel significantly better since I started using this daily. 
  3. Redbook: Am I embarrassed by this one? OK, fine, yes, a little. Actually, I've loved Redbook magazine since I was, like, 11, & now I'm of the age to actually like Redbook magazine, so I finally subscribed - yes, to the paper version - & man, it's better than ever.
  4. Kindle PaperwhiteThis certainly isn't a new love, but lately, I've been using my Kindle more than ever. I still read plenty of paper books, of course, but because I do most of my reading in bed before I fall asleep, I like to be able to read on my Kindle, no reading lights or lamps needed.
  5. Spotify's Leo playlistI discovered this playlist when fellow Leo & Cleveland blogger Shibani of Bombay Taxi. I'm sometimes a little embarrassed to be a Leo because all of the descriptions of us are so freaking insulting, but Lizzo, TLC, Janelle MonĂ¡e? Yessss, ladies. Roar. (Find your astrological sign's playlist here.)
  6. AAAAre you an AAA member? Honestly, they've saved my broke-down butt so many times that I'll never not be a member again. Most recently, they jumped my car from dead in the driveway, my (AAA) battery sucked dry by the polar vortex.
  7. Archer Farms Sweet Cajun Trail MixI love this stuff so that much that I can't buy it too often. If I do, I will eat the entire bag in one sitting, & it is decidedly not healthy enough for that to happen on any kind of regular basis.
  8. The ResidentI started watching this Fox medical drama right after I blogged about my love of medical dramas. This seems to be the only current one I wasn't watching - & now I am! It took me a little bit longer to get into this one because the first scene is so galling, but I've come to really like it, especially with Matt Czuchry in the lead.
  9. Girlfriend Collective workout wear: I keep seeing Instagram ads for this slow-fashion brand whose workout wear is made of recycled plastic bottles, but basically everything is sold out because... slow fashion, man. I got lucky when I found their Topanga bra & high-rise compression leggings in my size, in the same color, available at the same time... so yes, I did order a matching set of workout gear. It feels like a dream, & I look damn in it good, body issues be damned. (You can get $10 off with my referral code, if you're interested.)
  10. Feminist Book Club: I signed up for three-months of this book club started by feminist extraordinaire Renee Powers. Each month, I receive a (hand-collaged!) box that includes a book & goodies from women-owned businesses. I've only been able to join one of the monthly book club video calls, but I look forward to more. This month's book is F-Bomb. Have you read it?
Tell me: What are you loving right now? 

Disclaimer: I received free product from White Cedar Naturals in exchange for my honest opinion. I chose to share it here because I really do like it that much!

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