My Work-Out Must-Haves

Friday, February 15, 2019

I suppose it feels somewhat laughable for me to write a post like this, given that I am 34 years old & only just started working out, but you know what? I've been working damn hard on that Harness Cycle grind, & I feel good about it, & I want to share with you some of the products I love most to help me make it through.

7/8-Length Workout Leggings

I love the length of these pants, which are longer than capris but shorter than full-length leggings. I guess you could also call them "ankle-length." My favorite pairs, so far, come from Target & Old Navy, but I'd like to invest in some higher-end pieces, now that I know I want to stick with riding. I recently ordered my first pair from Girlfriend Collective - they're made out of recycled plastic water bottle, & I adore them. (Get $10 off with my referral code, if you're interested.)

Shimano Shoes & Clips

At my studio, the shoes are the most important piece of equipment, aside from the bike you're on. Some studios let you ride in your street shoes, though I can't speak to how you secure yourself on the bike; at Harness, we wear special shoes with devices on the bottom that clip right onto the bikes' pedals. I'd been renting them from the studio, but my mom bought me a pair in July. I'm a real rider now!

Water Bottle

I like a water bottle I can squeeze, not one I have to drink out of with care - which is what I need when I'm on the go, drinking as I ride. I own a bunch of fancy water bottles, including a S'well that I love, but my go-to water bottle is a plain old plastic squeeze bottle. This isn't the one I have, but mine is close to it. 

Sturdy Hair Ties

Duh, right? But no, really, these matter way more than you might think. If I put my hair up in a weak hair tie, it's likely to flop out while I ride. Then, I have to disengage from class to try to put my hair in place... it slows everything down. I usually use not one but two of these thick Goody elastics, & you'll almost always find me with a few of them on my wrist. Luckily, my studio offers them for free for the days when I forget.

Manda Bees Headbeads

I discovered these headbands when I received one for free in a swag bag at a Harness Cycle event - & now I'm a total devotee! I've ordered a few more since then, & this one is next on my to-buy list. I never ride without one. I am the sweatiest human alive, & these are the only headbands I've tried that have successfully kept all the sweat out of my eyes. In a completely non-scientific estimate, I'd say that when I'm wearing one of these headbands, I use my hand towel 50% less than when I ride without.

Champion Sports Bras 

Until I found these bras, I was the girl wearing a regular bra under a sports bra whenever I tried to work out - & honestly, it was at least a quarter of the reason I hated working out as much as I did. That shit is uncomfortable - & still barely held in the girls! I love this adjustable, front-zip option from Champion (sold at Target), which keeps my ladies firmly in place & is easy to get on & off.

Tell me: What are your work-out must haves? 

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