The Most Instagrammable Wallpapers in Cleveland

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

It's Instagram's world, & we're all just livin' in it... & documenting everything for it, of course. In the last couple years, there's been much talk of Cleveland's most Instagrammable spots, including plenty of great murals & multiple script Cleveland signs. (Mike & I got engaged in front of one those!)

An underrated favorite, though? Great wallpaper  - & a few local spots are killin' it when it comes to the cool-wallpaper game. These aren't your grandma's stodgy, flowered, vintage walls! I thought it'd be fun to gather a few of the best in town to share with you here, in case you've yet to discover these artsy wall gems.


The entirety of Brewnuts' business is quirky & wonderful, from their unorthodox donut flavors  to their eccentric decor - but just about every Instagrammer knows that the wallpaper in their bathroom really takes the cake donut. In fact, all I wanted for my 34th birthday was to get a donut & frosé from Brewnuts - & to take a photo in their bathroom. That's how great this flamingo wallpaper is. (6501 Detroit Rd.)

The Plum

When it's warm outside & the sun is shining in through that glass facade at The Plum, the wallpaper that decorates their front-of-house is just about the most cheerful indoor backdrop you've ever seen. This awkward photo of me is not my favorite picture of myself, but the flowered yellow wallpaper is so excellent that who even cares how I look? (4133 Lorain Ave.)

Visible Voice Books

Though not as colorful as the others listed here, the gray-scale cityscape wallpaper in Tremont's bookstore/coffee shop combo is seriously underrated, in my humble opinion. Here I am in one of my classiest outfits - defying Trump, promoting Cleveland, & lovin' on this urban-themed wallpaper... in yet another local bathroom. (2258 Professor Ave.)

Limelight Coworking

If you want a wallpaper twofer, Limelight is the spot: Each of their single-stall bathrooms is papered differently, & both designs are truly wonderful. The first is the monkeys-in-palm-leaves wallpaper you see in the photo at the top of this post - monkey wallpaper, guys! - & the second is the one below, in a pink & blue patterns of large, thistle-like objects. Those... are probably thistles, right? Whatever. They're cool - & importantly for our purposes, the lighting is good enough for photos.

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