2018: The Year I Got My Sh!t Together?

Monday, December 24, 2018

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As 2019 approaches, I'm reflecting on how surprisingly successful I was in 2018. I didn't think of it like that throughout most of the year - but now that I'm looking back on it, I feel kind of proud of how well I adulted.

In 2018, I...

Changed my name

In January, I took a day off work, dragged my mom to a judge's office downtown, & made it official: I'm legally Kate Bigam Kaput, y'all! As longtime readers know, my legal first name was Sara - & now it's not. Sure I still haven't changed all the paperwork (like, um, with my banks), & this will probably cause some end-of-year issues, but I'm on my way

In 2019: Time to make it official with my banks! Why do they make it so hard? No one has a fax machine anymore, you guys.

Went to a lot of doctors

This year, I finally took it upon myself to schedule visits to a pulmonologist, an allergist, & a neurologist. I did a CAT scan, had allergic tests, & participated in a 24-hour sleep study, with follow-up appointments to come. I also scheduled an upcoming physical, where I'll get my vaccines updated & ask to have my thyroid checked.

In 2019: In January, I'll find out the results of my sleep study & determine, with my neurologist, a course of action moving forward. I also neeeeed to schedule a well-woman visit & a dentist appointment. Any Clevelanders love their gynecologist and/or dentist? Get at me.

Paid off a huge medical bill

OK, fine, I have $200 left to go, but that'll be paid off in the next couple of weeks, so I'm counting it as paid, for the purposes of this post. It was such a pain to work my way through all this paperwork, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd expected, & I'm proud of myself for facing it instead of avoiding it, as I am wont to do.

In 2019: I'm sure I'll have a new medical bill to sort out following my recent sleep study (dreading this), but it's worth it to finally see doctors, get answers, & feel better, overall.

Paid off my credit card

WOOOO, I am not a person who uses my credit card anymore (except, fine, for the Michelle Obama tickets I just bought!!!, which is OK because I just wanted the points - & then quickly paid it off). I'm really proud of myself on this one, though if I'm being honest, it continues to be difficult for me to curb my spending.

In 2019: I will open no new credit cards & only use my existing credit card thoughtfully & sparingly (like if I want the points on a large purchase). Now, time to start increasing my savings so that 2019 can be the year I really get my finances in order.

Started working out

I know, I know, I've written about this a lot. In April, I went to my first Harness Cycle class... & cried my face off & felt terrible about it. And then I went to, like, 75 more classes, & now I'm on my way to 100, & I haven't lost a single pound, but I do love the ride. For the first time in my life, I can say, "Yes, I work out three or four times a week."

In 2019: I want to step it up & try a other kinds of workouts. I told my mom I'd go to kickboxing classes with her, & a few Instagram friends convinced me that I should give Orange Theory a try. And I still want to try aerial yoga at Yoga Strong!

Did lots of freelance work

Last September, I started freelancing for Cleveland Magazine following a simple request that I write two book reviews for them. That turned into steady work, a project or two a month - just small sidebars, mostly, but I also told my mental health story in a long, personal essay. I've loved the opportunity to learn more about & make more connections in the CLE - while seeing my name in print.

In 2019: I'd love to keep doing this, if Cleveland Magazine will have me, & I'd like to find a couple other outlets I can submit personal essays to on occasion. It's been awhile!

Got rid of a ton of stuff

After reading Cait Flanders' The Year of Less in February, I undertook a process to, well, have a lot less, & I got rid of bags & bags & bags of stuff. Like, how could I even have that much stuff in an apartment so small? I'm now a lot more thoughtful about what I buy & when & why - which is also partially how I paid off that credit card bill.

In 2019: I plan to continue my attempts at thoughtful minimalism, as outlined in a post I wrote right after I read Flanders's book.

Tell me: What was your best adulting win of 2018? What have you finally gotten the hang of? 

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