All My Potions: Some of My Favorite Natural Products, Oils, Etc.

Monday, November 5, 2018

I've become a big fan of all things scented & relaxing & essential oil-based, aside from, like, actual essential oil diffusing itself. Why haven't I gotten into that? I don't know, but perhaps it's because I currently have enough scented stuff to keep me busy for awhile. Here are just a few of the products I'm loving lately, some of them made in Cleveland & all of them delightfully & naturally scented.

In My Home

Aura Mist (Grey Moon Botanica)This pretty, shimmering "protective room spray" is made with sandalwood and lavender essential oil, rose water , & a piece of mica that slowly disintegrates into the spray over time (& is what makes it to sparkly). It smells strong but soothing, for when you don't have time to burn a candle but want to feel relaxed by scent. ($20)

Palo Santo & Jasmine Purifying Spray (Lesley Saligoe Botanicals)
I know, I know, how many room sprays does a girl need? Well, I do have a few more rooms... I bought this one after seeing a friend rave about it on Instagram. This "liquid energy cleanser" is made with distilled water, an undisclosed essential oil bledn, & a piece of honey calcite, said to "increase feelings of self worth, confidence, and courage and assists to overcome obstacles.." Hey, I'll take that. ($10)

White Sage Smudge Stick & Palo Santo (Positive Life Haven)
This white sage & palo santo bundle came from a local business owned by a girl I met at an event a few months ago. I also ordered a few crystals from her because, yeah, apparently I'm trying out crystals now, I don't know, OK? I haven't used the sage yet but love burning the palo santo. I've also purchased a few of these "cleaning" bundles for friends who have moved into new places. Made in Cleveland. ($5)

In My Bedroom

Stress-Fix Composition Oil™ (Aveda)
This one feels great on sore muscles, & it smells nice, too, because it's made with lavender, lavandin, and clary sage. Sometimes I put a few drops in the bathtub for some aromatherapy while I soak. The description says you can also massage it into your scalp, but that sounds... well, oily, so I haven't tried it yet. ($30)

Calm Balm (Lesley Saligoe Botanicals)
This is probably my favorite product, like, ever. It smells so heavenly, made with coconut oil, grapeseed oil, lavender, ylang ylang, & beeswax... with an amethyst in the middle because apparently the stone "is a natural vacuum for negative energy and aids in restful sleep, sobriety, and helps ease fears." OK. Well, it smells incredible. I rub it on my palms before bed & take a huge breath in to relax me as I head to sleep. ($10-$20)

Post-Training Massage Oil (Way of Will)
I use this one on my back & neck when I'm done a little bit too much (or just enough) riding during the week. It's made with sweet almond, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, all of which help the skin, plus cooling agent like peppermint, spearmint, & German chamomile, which are incredible for soothing smells good, but surprisingly, it has no lasting or long-term scent. ($29.50)

Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil (Moonlit Skincare)
This night oil is made with ginseng & papaya to "help fuel skin cell turnover," plus grapeseed oil for "a firming collagen boost." I don't know about all of that, but I do know that it's very light, & it both smells & feels soothing, with a lovely lavender scent. I use this one on nights when I'm especially tired & want to be sure I get a good night's sleep. ($34)

Breathe Touch Respiratory Blend (doTERRA)
I'm not a fan of MLMs (multi-level marketing businesses) & I try not to give them my money, so I wouldn't have purchased this on my own, but it came in a swag bag, & damn it, I love it. when I'm feeling stressed, I put a few drops on my temples, under my nose, or even on my chest to help me breathe better. ($17)

On My Body

LEO Essential Oil Blend (Venus in Aquarius Apothica)
I purchased this at a Cleveland Flea & could not love it any more. Venus in Aquarius creates roll-on scents for each zodiac sign; this one is called "I Will." It's made with frankincense, rosemary, neroli, & lemongrass, infused with dried hibiscus & sunflower petals - plus a tiny peridot crystal, my birth stone. Do I believe in its power? Um, probably not, but I believe that it smells amazing. Made in Cleveland. ($20)

Rose+Yarrow+Tulsi Facial Toner (Venus in Aquarius Apothica)
This light, crisp, spray-on toner is made with rose water, yarrow flower essence, hibiscus-infused witch hazel, and tulsi (holy basil) hydrosol. It's designed for sensitive, acne-prone, and combination skin, none of which I have - but it feels refreshing, & I love that its all-natural. Made in Cleveland. ($16.95)

Face Oil Cleanser (Olive Me)
When I first ran out of argan oil, I won this cleanser on Instagram, & I started using it as my daily overnight oil. It's a blend of olive oil, jojoba oil, chamomile, and neroli oil. Now, I swap it out with argan oil every other day or so. Made in Cleveland. ($8)

100% Argan Oil (Aria Starr Beauty)
I'm not loyal to any one particular brand of argan oil, so long as it's pure; this just happens to be the one I own right now. Yes, I put oil on my face overnight; yes, I have really nice skin that, no, is not disgustingly oily. I swear it works wonders... except for when my cat tries to lick it straight off my face? Ew. ($10.95)

In My Bath

Handmade Soaps (Puget Sound Soap Shop)
I mentioned these soaps, made by my friend Stevie, in a previous blog post, but since then, I've ordered even more of them, in a variety of scents. They're all handmade & smooth & lovely. ($5-$7)

Olive Oil Body Scrub (Olive Me)
Sure, I could probably try to make this body scrub myself, but Olive Me does such a good job of it! This simple scrub is made with olive oil, raw cane sugar, and neroli oil, sloughing all all the wintry bits & helping my skin feel as good as new, even in cold Northeast Ohio weather. Made in Cleveland. ($10)

Aura Quartz Geode Bath Bomb (Lesley Saligoe Botanicals)
Can you tell how much I love this brand? It's so great, I swear. These geode bath bombs are amber scented & sparkly, because they include mica, & they make every bath feels divine. They also made with coconut and grapeseed oils to help moisturize. Did I mention that they're sparkly? ($5)

What natural products are you loving right now? Send me your best recs!

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