6 Small Goals for November

Friday, November 2, 2018

Oh, hi, it's almost the end of the year. Time flies when you're an adult, huh? I did a pretty good job of my October goals - except for those damn carbs! Here's how things panned out:
  1. Don't feel too overwhelmed. I'm not sure what a great job I did at this, but I tried really hard & I think I succeeded in the first half of the month, at least. Toward the end there, things got really stressful (I work for a Jewish organization, so the Pittsburgh shooting resulted in a ton of feeling plus a ton of unexpected work). I bought some scented candles, took baths when I could, & got enough sleep, reminding myself that soon, I'd be able to relax. That time hasn't come yet, but I'm looking forward to it. 
  2. Work out my health insurance woes. Done! My $5k doctors bill is almost paid off (not by me; thanks, work), so I'm good to go in continuing to pursue wellness. My sleep test has been rescheduled for December, & I can't wait.  
  3. Excel at my social media webinars. Also done. Sure, I waited until the very last minute to finish both PowerPoint presentations, but they went well, I didn't vomit beforehand as I sometimes do, & I got lots of positive feedback. I even volunteered to do another future webinar sooner rather than later. Unheard of! 
  4. Plan something for our anniversary. Donnne. We're working out details of an upcoming trip to Ann Arbor, MI, for our anniversary weekend. we don't have a place to stay yet, but we'll figure that out. And our list of places to visit is full of spots I'm really excited about. Got tips? Leave 'em in the comments! 
  5. Cut way back on carbs. Yeah, yeah, here's the one I didn't excel at. Surprise, surprise. I love my bread, OK?
  6. Start "tipping myself" for cycling classes. I started this at the beginning of the month & saved $50 by the end of the month - which means I hit 10 classes in October. Not bad! Planning to keep it up in the month to come.
So what am I aiming for in November? Let's see...
  1. Relax. I feel like I didn't get to do any of this in October, so I'd really like to prioritize a little bit of relaxation, where I can, in November. That means books, Harry Potter, & cuddling with cats.
  2. Finish my holiday shopping. I like to get my holiday shopping done early so I can shop for myself in December. Ha! Thanks to Shop Cleveland Market, which I visited in October, my holiday shopping is actually almost done - but I'd really like to wrap it up (no pun intended) this month. 
  3. Cook more. There's a very low bar here because I don't really cook at all. I've looked up a few recipes I'd like to try, &, well, I'd like to try 'em. Any of 'em. 
  4. Do the laundry in a more timely fashion. Weird goal, but hear me out: I have a bad habit of starting the laundry at, like,  8pm, & then Mike goes to bed before I finish it. The laundry room is off our bedroom, & I don't want to wake him, so I leave wet laundry in the washer overnight... & then have to rewash it in the morning! This is such a pain and such a waste of water, so I'd like to prioritize not doing it that way anymore. 
  5. Go to 10 Harness Cycle classes. I sort of dropped the ball on cycling in October, in part because the studio where I usually ride was closed for renovations. It's open again, so I'd like to pick it back up & make sure I get another 10 rides in, even though I'll be gone for a whole week.
  6. Consume less sugar. I have never been a big sweets person, but I ate a ton of candy & desserts in October. I could blame it on Halloween, or I could suck it up & promise to tone it down in November.
I'm looking forward to this month, especially two trips coming up: Mike's & my anniversary trip to Ann Arbor next weekend, & a week in Hilton head, S.C., with my family for Thanksgiving. This will be Mike's first time spending a holiday with my family, & I could not be more excited for that. Keep an eye on the Insta for photo updates! 

What are your goals for November? What are you looking forward to? 

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