A Short List of Good Things

Monday, November 12, 2018

OK, OK, last Friday's post was a bit of a downer, I know. I;m trying to focus on some good things to keep my spirits up. 
  1. My new "niece": My childhood best friend, Christina, gave birth last week to her first child, a healthy baby girl named Cara Joy, & she is beautiful. Christina had to have a surprise C-section, but she's home now & recovering well, with her husband & her parents at her side to help out. Auntie Kate is doing her best not to request a thousand photos a day.
  2. Vacation! My family is headed to Hilton Head, S.C., for Thanksgiving, where we'll stay in the spacious, ocean-side vacation rental home my aunt & uncle own. Everyone's coming in at different times, but my mom & I will be there for a full week - & it'll be Mike's first holiday with my side of the fam.
  3. Freelancing: I've just wrapped up a number of cool freelance projects, including two interviews for Cleveland Magazine's Most Interesting People issue, coming in January. This work is so fun & so enriching for me, getting me all over the city to explore new experiences, new foods, & other worthwhile new places - & I always love seeing my byline in print.
  4. So much fall TV: Everything will soon come to a halt for winter break, but for now, I've been loving having new episodes to watch every day of some of my prime-time favorites: Grey's Anatomy, Station 11, Chicago Med, The Good Doctor, New Amsterdam, Manifest, Criminal Minds, Law & order: SVU, 9-1-1... fine, yeah, I keep up with a lot of TV.
  5. Oversized sweaters: Realizing that my winter wardrobe was seriously lacking, I picked up a few cozy but inexpensive sweaters from Marshall's, & they've perfectly rounded out my closet. And get this: Two of them aren't even black.
  6. Working for good: I've been assigned to my organizations' Disability Rights Task Force, & I'm enjoying both the presentations from experts within the disability field & considering how we can better implement inclusivity within our work. This is a topic I've long cared about, thanks to my late mentor, Rabbi Lynne Landsberg, & I feel honored to carry on her legacy in this way.
  7. Podcast appearance: My friend Marisa invited me to be a guest on her podcast again! Are you listening to Get Well, Girl? Give it a listen, & stay tuned for my Thanksgiving-themed appearance, coming soon.
  8. Booooooks: Earlier this fall, I reached my goal of reading 75 books for the year. I've surpassed it by reading 86 of them - & I'm still goin'! I bought an Audible subscription so I can give more audiobooks a listen, given that the library waitlist for them always seems to be forever-long. Speaking of forever-long: my TBR list. (Psst: Do you follow my bookstagram account?)
Tell me: What's a small list of good things going on in your life right now? 

PS: The title of this post was inspired by Your Wishcake, even though she hasn't done one of these posys for awhile! 

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