What I'm Watching: Summer 2018

Friday, July 6, 2018

There are almost no TV shows I follow in real-time during the summer, aside from The Bachelorette. Instead, I take summer as an opportunity to catch up on shows I've missed during the regular season - & eve to watch, gasp, movies! (I'm not much of a film person, but I do try to fill in the blanks on the most popular movies of the year & whatever appeals to me on Netflix.)

Here's what's been on my small screen during the last couple of months.


Yes, I watched all 15 seasons of E.R.... & immediately considered starting it from the beginning & rewatching the entire thing. Truly, I don't know if I've ever loved a show as much as I love E.R., & that's saying a lot, given how much TV I watch & how much I love some of my favorites. I'll say it: I think this is the best show that has ever aired on TV.


My best friend recommended this show to me as my obsession with love of The Bachelor developed. Starring Shiri Appleby as a producer on a reality show called Everlasting, the show follows her & her colleagues during the filming of a season of the show. They're shameless, reckless, rude, cruel, & even murderous - but damn, does it make for some good TV.

Set It Up

I picked this flick on a slow Saturday when I was procrastinating doing something of importance. It came highly recommended by my friend Rebecca, & though I still had very low expectations of a Netflix original rom-com about two overworked personal assistants trying to hook up their bosses, I was pleasantly surprised. Funny, charming, & overall adorable.


I never would've expected a show based on the Archie comics to be sexy & sinister, but here Riverdale is, y'all. What a weird show. It follows the exploits of Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, & all their friends & family, but with dark twists you'd never expect from the bubbly, colorful cartoon characters. Like, truly has the sun ever shined over Riverdale? I'm not convinced.

Queer Eye

I finally tuned into the reboot of this absolutely fabulous cultural zeitgeist, & I've yet to watch an episode that hasn't made me want to weep with happiness. There is something so goddamn joyful about watching the Fab Five help everyday dudes (& one lady!) find the courage & knowledge they need to walk through the world with confidence.

The Good Doctor

We all know I'm a sucker for, like, every medical drama under the sun, so it made sense that I picked up this new show. The main character, played by Freddie Highmore, is a young doctor with autism; he's a savant in the medical field but struggles with personal interactions, especially around his neurotypical peers.

Brain on Fire

This Netflix original movie is based on the memoir of the same name by Susannah Cahalan, which I read in February 2016. Chloƫ Grace Moretz stars as Cahalan, a young journalist who falls ill with a disorder no doctor can identify. Is it mental? Is it physical? Her family's insistence on continued care & testing is surely what saved her from institutionalization.

What have you been watching lately? Tell me what you love, & gimme your best recs! 

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