6 Small Goals for July

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

I did a pretty darn good job of my June goals! Here's a quick recap:
  1. Change my name. Yesss, I did this! It wasn't nearly as frustrating as I expected it to be - both the Social Security office & the BMV were really quick affairs - & now I've just got to sort things out with my banks, etc. But the name change itself is done!
  2. Plan a great baby shower. Yesss, I did this, too! Jen & I pulled off a really nice event, if I may say so myself - just the right size, decorated but not overdone, delicious food, & most of all, focused on friends & family in support of Christina & her daughter. It was so joyful. 
  3. Get some professional photos taken. Another one checked off the list! At the beginning of the month, I saw that The Upspeak Collective was offering discounted mini sessions - 15 minutes, 10 photos. I think she took pity on me when I explained by previous dud of a photoshoot, because she actually gave me about 20 photos - & I love them. 
  4. Pay off our honeymoon. Donnnne. We're lucky that we were able to pay for nearly all of our Costa Rica trip in gifted funds, & we sorted out the rest of it very quickly upon our return home. Nothing left but memories! 
  5. Keep working out - & maybe step it up. There were two weeks in June when I went to Harness Cycle not once, not twice, but three freaking times. I bought another pack of classes, & I even went to a community ride sponsored by Your Local Girl Gang. I canceled my Sweat app subscription, but I am solidly riding the Harness Cycle train - & intend to continue.
  6. Learn to make gallo pinto. OK, OK, I haven't done this. I did put salsa on eggs once, though. Close.
And here's what I'm aiming for in July:
  1. Be proud of the final version of my mental health essay. By the time you read this post, I'll have submitted my first draft to my editor at Cleveland Magazine, but I'm actually writing this post as a break from writing that piece! It's been an emotional struggle for me to write, mostly because I want so badly for it to be perfect. I hope the editor will work with me to make it the best it can be for the August edition of the magazine. 
  2. Plan something for my birthday. I haven't done much for my last few birthdays, so I'd like to do something, though I don't know what. It doesn't have to be anything big, just... I should do something fun, right? The big day is August 5th, so I've gotta get plannin'.
  3. Make as much progress as possible on my #HarnessTheSummer challenge. I enrolled in Harness Cycle's #HarnesstheSummer challenge, a scavenger hunt-style list of activities to complete by early September. I'd have to take, like, 10 classes in both July & August in order to complete it. This is fairly unlikely to happen, but I'm gonna try anyway.
  4. Eat mostly vegetarian. I recently watched a Facebook video of cows seeing grass for the first time in six months, & it was so wonderful & joyful & sad & made me sick to my stomach about eating these very cool, feelingsy creatures. Since then, I haven't wanted to eat beef, & I'm turning that into an experimentation with vegetarianism. 
  5. Plan a trip to Put-In-Bay with my mom. My mom's birthday was July 1st, & mine is August 5th. After seeing so many local bloggers, like Kaylah & Leah, write about their recent travels to Put-In-Bay (an island on Lake Erie), Joyce & I want to plan a day trip there together as a joint birthday gift.
  6. Change my name with my banks. Are you tired of versions of this goal yet? Me, too. I'm hoping this month will mark the last of it. 
What are your July goals? 

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