6 Small Goals for May

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

OK, let's cut right to the chase: I didn't follow through on most of my May goals.
  1. Clean out my car. Didn't do this. Again. In my defense, it was still cold most of the month.
  2. Plan our honeymoon. Uhhh, we haven't really done this, which is very much not OK. Both Mike & I were overwhelmed by deadlines in the latter part of April, & we didn't do any planning. Now I'm in a full-scale panic & trying to get it all done by the end of this week... since we leave on the 22nd.
  3. Make it through Passover without eating leaven. Total fail. I broke Passover by eating pierogis on Dyngus Day. Womp. 
  4. List the last of my stuff on Poshmark. Almost everything is listed, & some of it has even sold. My earnings helped pay for me to enjoy a weekend out on the town for a friend's bachelorette party last weekend.
  5. Schedule a well-woman visit. I didn't do this. Why didn't I do this? I have no idea. I'll schedule one for June, when I'm back from Costa Rica - which will take up half of May! 
  6. Experiment with workout options. I wouldn't say I experimented, necessarily, but I did go to six cycling classes, which is, frankly, more working out than I've ever done in my life. I'm looking forward to sticking with it.
So yeahhhh, I didn't do a great job of my April goals. In fact, this was, goals-wise, my least successful month since I started doing these goals posts. But I did get all my work done, met a difficult freelancing deadline, cleaned the hell out of my apartment, & went to seven Harness Cycle classes, so I'm going to try not to be too hard on myself about these other little failures.

Here's what I'm working on in May:
  1. No food delivery. I've been doing a better-than-usual job, lately, of eating at home. My primary vice is ordering in when I'm both hungry & lazy (worse than hangry, IMO), & that happens to be the most expensive way to get food, so no more of that in May. 
  2. Finish my first pack of Harness Cycle classes. I have four classes left to go on my 10-class pack, & I'd like to get them all in before I head to Costa Rica so that I can start fresh with a new pack of classes when I return. 
  3. Keep up with Mint budgeting. I'm ramping this up slowly, but it's very interesting for me to figure out exactly where all my money goes. I've got to keep an eye on it - & hopefully use what I learn to change my habits. 
  4. Complete E.R. before our honeymoon. This is a totally frivolous goal, but I've got two seasons left & feel like I simply cannot step away from this show for two weeks. I have to finish it before I go! 
  5. Read more books than I did in April. I only read four books in April, which is way below my usual numbers - & I miss it. Time to get back to it in May. 
  6. Chill the eff out in Costa Rica. I hope this one is easy, though I guess we have to plan the damn honeymoon first, huh? 
What are your May goals? How'd you do in April? 

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  1. We didn’t plan Costa Rica either until we got there - we spent one day doing a rainforest/hot spring/ volcano tour - it was a whole day adventure. And we spent one day doing an ATV tour and ziplining. We wanted to take surf lessons but the ocean was unkind since we went at the back end of a hurricane. The rest of the time was at the swim up bar since we couldn’t go into the ocean. You’ll have fun no matter what you do (or don’t do).


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