Feel Good, Dress Better: Thinking About My Warm-Weather Style

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

First things first: I am distinctly not a fashion blogger. I think I have a pretty decent sense of style - of my own sense of style, that is - but I make no grand claims beyond that.

Still, there are a few things I know about what I like:
  1. I wear a lot of black & neutrals.
  2. I like to bring in color through accessories.
  3. I prefer oversized looks, though they don't always flatter my body type.
  4. My style isn't androgynous, per se, but neither is it particularly feminine. 
I already knew most of these things about myself, in a vague & undefined sense, but they crystallized for me as I worked by way through the Feel Good, Dress Better workbook, created by fellow blogger Nicole.

Since then, I've really been trying to be more intentional & thoughtful about my style, which means only wearing, keeping, & purchasing items of clothing that I truly love & that make me feel good about myself. I've gotten rid of about four bags of clothes, shoes, purses, & jewelry, & though I still have too much stuff, it feels great to look in my closet & see only the good stuff. Why was I buying the not-good stuff to begin with?!  

During the warmer-weather months, I photographed a lot of my outfits, just to help get a sense of what I wear, what I like, & what doesn't look as good as I think it does. I haven't done much of that this winter, but still, as spring approaches, I thought I might as well share the photos & talk style.


So. Let's start fancy! After much debate, this is the outfit I wore to my bridal shower in August. I blogged about how happy I was that, after waffling between this & a pink floral dress, I decided to go with the outfit that felt the most like "me." (Jumpsuit: Macy's)

This super-casual outfit stands out to me because I almost never wear jeans! Still, I like the low-key hippie vibes this outfit gives off - put-together & age-appropriate but still very chill. (Shawl: FabFitFun)

This high-low, ombre, denim dress came from a boutique right here in my neighborhood, & while I don't love the way I look in this photo, I do love the dress itself. (Dress: Banyan Tree)

This is very much my go-to summer outfit: black leggings-style pants, a flowy tank (ideally less wrinkled than this) with a long necklace & the Barrow flats, which I own in three colors. I get more compliments on these shoes than on anything I've ever owned. (Shoes: Moorea Seal)

This is another example of a photo I don't love, wearing a dress I do. This flowy, lightweight dress has pockets & adjustable straps, & while I'm not typically a big fan of polka dots, this dress somehow stood out to me when I spotted in on the cheap on Amazon. (Dress: Lilbetter)

OK, this dress might be a little too short for age 33... but I do always wear bike shorts under it! I have a feeling this outfit happened on a 90-degree day when I couldn't bear wearing any more clothing than absolutely necessary. Cotton shift dress & huaraches it is! (Necklace: Ode Vintage)

This is another too-hot-too-function outfit: linen shorts, an oversized tee, & the lightweight "boat boots" that I recently donated to Goodwill (a mistake that I already regret). Know how I know it was too hot to function the day I wore this? I'm not wearing eyeliner, which is a telltale sign. It melts off my face on hot days, so I don't bother! (Boots: Sperry)

This is one of my favorite outfits, & it's super comfy, too. I like the way it looks on me & the way it makes me look, & I have a feeling I'll be wearing this same outfit & recreating it in various ways throughout the coming summer. Yeah, I've become a person who wears a lot of elastic waistbands, so sue me. (Pants: Old Navy)

Ugh, RIP my favorite pants, which ripped through the crotch in late August. I have looked everywhere for replacements, to no avail. This is another lose-fitting-but-flattering (I think?) casual outfit that will be on repeat this summer... if I can find the right pants, damn it.

These are the pants I bought as an attempted replacement for the pants in the photo above, but they don't even come close, looks-wise or comfort-wise. Boooo, hisssss. I'm not such a fan of this outfit, but I feel like it was a decent attempt at remixing looks I already know I like. (Necklace: Banyan Tree

Ah, the weather must've been getting colder here... or else I really just couldn't wait to wear this very tassled cardigan. This is literally an exact repeat of one of the outfits above, just with a sweater on top, but I think the sweater gives it a different vibe. (Sweater: World Market)

What's easier than a jumpsuit? Nothing, that's what. This black & white version is light & airy, & I reaaaally hope it still fits me this summer because I adore it. (Jumpsuit: Old Navy)

I almost tossed this black & white palm-print dress last summer because I thought it was unflattering... until I realized I kind of don't care because I love wearing it. (Necklace: City Buddha)

This happens to be almost exactly what I'm wearing today, as I write this post. Clearly it's an outfit that works for multiple seasons! These ripped jeans, which entered my wardrobe in early fall, have become a staple, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a similar pair; the duplicates I ordered after determining my love of them turned out not to be duplicates, after all. (Jeans: Old Navy)

I bought this dress on super-sale from a nice boutique in my neighborhood because I liked where the knot hit me - but after the first wear, the whole garment started to lose its shape, & what I thought would become a favorite is likely a soon-to-be Goodwill donation. Bummer. (Sweater: Evie Lou

This top also came from the sale mentioned above. I don't wear much white, so I always feel out of my element when I wear this piece, but it's a nice change that, when styled in my usual way, still falls within my standard vibe. Now, if I can manage not to spill anything on it... (Sweater: Evie Lou

So there you have it, a look at my warm-weather style (& man, I miss my long, blond hair more than I realized). Sure, it's 30-something degrees out today, but spring will be here before we know it (& then summer, my most dreaded season). Gotta start planning!

What's your style? Have you checked out the Feel Good Dress Better workbook yet or ever tried anything like it?

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