6 Small Goals for February

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Another month, another list of goals, linking up with Writes Like a Girl. Let's jump right into it, shall we? Here's how I did on January's goals:
  1. Hang art on my walls. This is not done. I hate myself. (I did hang, like, four things, though, & we got a new bed all set up, so I don't totally hate myself.)
  2. Get a damn haircut. I made an appointment with Daniel Price of Le Beau in Tremont, who did my hair on my wedding day. He chopped off nearly a foot of hair & gave me a beautiful bright red color, so vibrant it's nearly purple. I love it (even if no one else in my life seems to) (not that I'm being super sensitive to this or anything).
  3. Eat at home more, eat out less. Mike did a ton of meal-planning this month, & I started eating breakfast & lunch at home, for the most part. I still ordered in a lot, but I only went out to eat a few times - & most importantly, I cooked a lot more than usual.
  4. Work on my sleep issues. I certainly haven't solved my sleep issues, but I have been working on them, which is a start. I've been sleeping pretty well lately (albeit still too much) & have been trying to go to bed by midnight. 
  5. Schedule some sort of spa service. I have a massage appointment this coming week, which was the earliest I could get at The Beauty Room. I'm really looking forward to it - especially with 20% off! 
  6. Read only books I already own. I'm marking this as accomplished, despite the fact that I did, actually buy two new books. Both cost >$5, & I bought them for good reasons: One is part of a series, & I already owned the next book in the series, so I had to buy one to get to the other; the second book I bought was published just this month... by my husband! Extenuating circumstances, guys. Beyond that, everything I read was something I already owned. 
I think I did pretty well last month, wouldn't you say? I'm off to a decent start! Here's what's on the docket (I hope) for February.
  1. HANG ART ON MY WALLS. If I haven't finished this by the time February 28th rolls around, please, will someone just punch me in the face?
  2. Finish setting up our apartment. This is kind of related to hanging art, though not entirely. With our new bed up, we also need to rearrange furniture, hang curtains, buy a rug, take stuff to the basement, take down our Christmas tree (oops)... I want to get as much done as possible before the month is up. 
  3. Push my social boundaries. I've made a lot of plans for February, which stresses me out a bit. When I look at my planner, I'm slightly overwhelmed to see plans every night some weeks - but I want to do my best to attend as much as I can & try to master my anxiety of social situations.
  4. Make a dentist appointment. If I know myself, I'd say this is the one on this list most likely to be marked unfinished by the end of the month (aside from hanging art on my walls, apparently). I haven't been to my dentist, for, um... awhile, which is especially embarrassing considering that my aunt is a hygienist & my father-in-law is a dentist.
  5. Set up at least one new friend date. I actually went on a friend date on February 1st (hi, Meganne!), & it was so much fun that it made me much less afraid of trying it again. I've been DMing with a couple of other Instagram folks about setting up some plans (hi, Amber & Maddy!), so I'd like to try to move forward with that. 
  6. Don't buy any new clothes or accessories. I've gotten better about not spending money on stuff I don't need, but I haven't gotten that good at it. No new stuff in February! I'm not calling it a no-spend month, but I'm reaaaally gonna try not to indulge in unnecessary vanity items.
What are your goals for this month? How did you do on your January goals? 

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