2018 Will Be the Year I...

Friday, January 5, 2018

Go on a honeymoon. Spain, here we come! 

See a doctor to try to get my sleep habits under control.

Finally put in the work to make this apartment feel like home.

Up my activism game with protests & more calls to Congress.

Try again to focus on my health, weight loss or not.

Pay off my credit card bill. I'm getting close!

Rely on DevaCurl to bring my hair back to life.

Network with even more Clevelanders.

Try a Harness Cycle class, terrified as I am.

Book a spontaneous-ish trip to someplace I've never been.

Read 100 books again - or try my hardest, at least.

Write my first downloadable blog supplement, a visitor's guide to Cleveland.

Make it back to New York City. It's been way too long!

Build my blog by creating even better content & attending more local events.

Clear out my closet & work on curating my personal style.

Seek out more freelancing opportunities.

Cut way back on carbs. RIP, pizza, I love you.

Find new events to attend & restaurants to try in the CLE.

Take a solo writing retreat... somewhere.

Celebrate three years with Mike & our first wedding anniversary.

What are you planning to do in 2018? 

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