That Old Familiar Refrain: We're Moving Again!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

It was my deepest wish that when I finally moved to Cleveland, I would, like, never move again. And while it's true that I never plan to leave Cleveland, I've already moved twice since coming back to Ohio... & now it's about to happen again.

Long story short: Mike & I love our Tremont apartment, which is old & charming, with wood floors & strangely colored walls. We gladly would've glady stayed for awhile, & planned to - & then our friend Rick got transferred to California for work. 

Rick's apartment, which he only lived in for a few months, is the bottom half a duplex. It's chic, shiny, & newly renovated, with two bedrooms & an in-unit washer/dryer (which I've never had before & would basically die for). It's next door to a small park, across the street from one of my favorite restaurants, & caddy-corner from another great restaurant/coffee shop. It has a front porch & a small backyard. And best of all, the rent is almost exactly what we pay now.

Needless to say, it's perfect. And while we'd gladly stay where we are if it meant Rick hadn't moved across the country (j/k Rick, happy for you), this is a pretty perfect opportunity, & it just fell into our laps.

The great news - aside from the fact that the apartment itself is awesome - is that it's in the neighborhood we live in now, just a few blocks away from our current place. We can stay in Tremont, upgrade our place, maintain our rent costs, & wash our damn pants on our own timeframe, thankyouverymuch.

Want to hear something else kind of crazy? We signed a three-year lease. The rental company guarantees to keep our rent costs the same for the duration of our lease, so we figured, why not lock it in? We definitely don't want to move again... & now we don't have to. 

Look, I hate moving, but all things considered, I'm over the moon about this one. Did I mention that we'll have a spare bedroom? See you in Cleveland, suckahs. We're movin' on up.

(P.S.: These aren't my house keys, so creeps of the Internet, don't even bother trying to duplicate them so you can rob me.) 

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