My 9 Single-Lady Behaviors When I'm Home Alone

Monday, April 3, 2017

 Last week, Mike went out of town for five days, something he rarely does without me, & while he was away, I realized that, when I have the apartment to myself, I revert back to a few elements of my singledom. Here are just a few of the ways my lifestyle temporarily changed while he vacationing & I was solo in the CLE.

1. Jump at every little sound

Every time I heard the downstairs door slam, I thought, "Mike's home!" before realizing, nope, that's someone else. Only two other people live in our building, but when I'm home alone, every little noise makes me nervous, & there's a lot of lock-rechecking.

2. Order delivery, like, daily

Mike does the cooking, & I do the cleaning. Iam capable of preparing food, & when he goes out of town, he tries to set me up with some options for his time away, but still I usually end up ordering Indian food from GrubHub & vegan pizza from UberEats. Oops/yum.  

3. Clean like a madwoman 

I know, I get wild & crazy when I'm home alone! Mike has a tendency toward messiness, so when he's away, I take the opportunity to go a little nuts with the cleaning. I feel like I have more time to do it when it's out of town, & I know it won't get messed up again right away. I love having a few days of my preferred level of neatness. 

4. Wear pajamas all day

I can get away with this because I work from home, but usually I at least make an effort to look nice, knowing Mike will be home at the end of the day. I put on real clothes, do my hair, wear lipstick... but when I get a few days to myself, I'm known to wear comfy, cozy clothes, like, the entire time.

5. Get gross

When I have the house to myself, I burp as loudly as I want & revel in the freedom of peeing with the door wiiiiiide open. Ain't nobody here to see or hear or be disgusted by me! Um... wait, please tell me I'm not the only one who does this?

7. Indulge in long self-care routines

Mike falls asleep fast, so if I want to head bed when he does, I don't have much time to spare. When I fly solo, though I take long showers, do face masks, put on argan oil & body lotion, breathe in essential oils, wear my robe around the house, & in other words become a total hippie. 

6. Go to bed super late

I tend to lose track of time in the evenings; I've never been a morning person, but I could easily stay up until 4am if it were acceptable at age 32. When Mike's home, I try to go to sleep when he does, but when he's away, the clock ceases to exist. I intend to go to bed by 10:30pm & usually hit the 1:00am mark instead. 

8. Pray (or something like it)

When I was a kid, I talked aloud to God every night; now I mostly just talk to the universe - a "just in case" kinda thing, like being my own therapist. I'm agnostic these days, but on nights when I fall asleep alone, I still sometimes whisper up a quick conversation to the universe.  

9. Sleep like a freaking rock

I don't sleep very well these days, in part because Mike snores. He feels terrible about it, I know, & earplugs usually help mitigate it, but when he's out of town, I confess, I sleep like I've been drugged, minus the drugs. It's a beautiful thing.

Your turn! If you live with your significant other, I'd love to hear what single-lady (or dude!) behaviors come out when you have the house to yourself. 

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