A List of 31 Things to Do & Worry about Before You Move

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Look, everyone knows that moving is awful. I don't have to tell you that. But as I prepare for yet another move, I am again reminded that moving is awful.

Also, in the past, I've mostly moved into/out of apartment complexes, the kind that take care of the utilities for you so you don't have to call those companies yourself. Having to do so is an added layer of stress, for sure.

The good thing about all of this is that I've moved so many times that I know how to do this, & I am also comforted by the fact that, soon, the stress of moving will be over, & I will be moved - which is the best part of moving. I can't wait to settle into our new place, but in the beginning, here's how the last few days have looked. Sound familiar to any of you fellow frequent movers?! 
  1. Book movers for once because you're a real goddamn adult.
  2. Pack everything, obviously.
  3. Run to Target to buy more trash bags & packing tape.
  4. Continue packing everything.
  5. Sort of give up & just start throwing things into garbage bags.
  6. But make sure not to pack the cleaning supplies so you can clean the old place before you leave it.
  7. Load everything you've packed into one place so the movers have easy access.
  8. Make about a dozen trips to the trash.
  9. ...including throwing out your broken kitchen table & a massive rug.
  10. Load bags & boxes of giveaway items into your car to take to Goodwill.
  11. Take bags & boxes of giveaway items to Goodwill.
  12. Order cat carriers so you don't have to worry about an escaped feline mid-move.
  13. Call the gas company to transfer utilities.
  14. Panic because the gas company says they can't turn off your gas at the old place until a week after you've already moved out.
  15. Text your mother and your fiancé in a panic.
  16. Make an appointment within a four-hour window to wait for the gas company to come turn off service, figuring you'll sort it out later.
  17. Make an appointment within another four-hour window to wait for the gas company to come turn on service at the new place.
  18. Call the Internet service provider to transfer services.
  19. Call the electric company to transfer services.
  20. Call the new landlord to see when you can pick up the keys.
  21. Try to figure out how you'll pick up the keys at 9am if your movers are also arriving at 9am.
  22. Call the old landlord to see when you can do a walk-through of the old place.
  23. Feel really relieved when the old landlord says he'll have the gas service transferred into his name so you can cancel one of your appointments with the gas company.
  24. Try to change your address on the USPS website.
  25. Go to the post office in person because USPS doesn't recognize your new address.
  26. Email your neighbor to ask if your moving truck can use the driveway on moving day.
  27. Leave a note for your new neighbors to ask if your moving truck can use the driveway on moving day.
  28. Keep packing. 
  29. Stay up at night worrying about the details.
  30. Continue to stress out your significant other by sending frantic texts every time you think of a new potential complication.
  31. Hurry up & wait.
Did I mention that there's plenty of other life stuff going down right now, too? It's not like the world stops when you're getting ready to move! In the midst of all this, add the following:
  1. Confirm jury duty
  2. Confirm with your boss that you can't make your upcoming work trip to NYC because of said jury duty.
  3. Return your broken modem to your Internet service provider.
  4. Buy gifts for your fiancé's sister & cousin, who are graduating from college.
  5. Make a trip out of town for aforementioned graduation the day before moving.
Again: I know that the moving part will soon be over, & Mike & I will be settled into a place we already know we love. I just have to keep telling myself that it'll all be worth it. New place, we're comin' for ya, & I am about to relax so hard once this is all said & done.

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