Things I Love Right Now (Pt. VIII)

Monday, April 24, 2017

It's been awhile since I've done one of these! A little bit of truth, though: I've had a hard time lately thinking of anything except staying afloat. Our big move is happening in less than a week, & our wedding is in about six & a half months, so I've been more than a little busy these days.

Still, there's always time to find a few new favorites, right? Here are a few things I'm loving right now. What about you? Comment & let me know!
  1. Elsie Larson's "Up Your Instagram Game" e-Course: I'm technically taking this online class for professional development purposes via work, but it so happens to be applicable in my personal life, too, & I'm really enjoying it. (Follow me on Instagram to see how I'm doing!)
  2. PopSockets: These expandable/retractable phone grips adhere to your phone or its case, making it easier for you to hold onto your tiny technology. No weird finger pain! They're $10 apiece & come in tons of designs. 
  3. Strappy Caged Bralette from Charlotte Russe: As a big-busted gal, I figured I had to opt out of the bralette trend, but then I realized I could this one over my regular bra. I bought it in black (of course), & it's a little edgy for me, but I love it under lower-cut blouses.
  4. Calm Balm from Lesley Saligoe Botanicals: I loooove this stuff, which I first got in a Self-Care Box (the one I once modeled for!). I rub it on my hands just after I crawl into bed, then I cup my hands over my face & breathe deeply. So relaxing.
  5. Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty: I bought a tiny container of this at Off the Wagon in Kent, OH, & can't stop playing with it! It's like silly putty but less, well, putty - more of a gummy plastic feeling, really soothing when you're feeling stressed.
  6. Digit: I wrote about this a few months ago (check it out), but I'm still goin' strong with it. Yes, Digit recently began to charge $3 a month for their services (atop interest I assume they were already making off users' savings), but for me, it still feels worth it.
  7. Charmed: Inspired by Gretchen's rewatch, I've started watching this '90s WB fave while I work. It's so freaking cheesy but perfect for background noise - & it's so funny to message about ridiculous plot points with Lanny, who's also bingeing it!
  8. LancĂ´me Artliner: My IG friend Anna Marie recommended this precision felt-tip liner, which, at $30.50, is a little pricey - but also totally worth it. It doesn't stay on as well as my beloved, now-defunct Urban Decay liner, but it's the closest I've yet to find.
  9. The #sendcardspreadlove Challenge: All April, I've been participating in Pretty By Post's snail mail challenge, tuning in to her weekly to-send tasks. I already send out tons of letters to friends & family; this just gives me an excuse to do it for prizes!
  10. Mitchell's Vegan Salted Caramel Pecan Ice Cream: OK, this is a pre-Whole30 obsession (did you read my post about that?), but damn, is this stuff delicious. I told Mike we had to stop talking while we ate it because I needed to enjoy this stuff in silence.
So? Your turn. Tell me what you're loving!

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