Surprise, Surprise: I'm Moving Again!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Something exciting happened today: We got the keys to our new apartment.

Yes, you read that right. I'm moving again. I haven't even lived in my current (beloved) apartment for a year yet, but I'm already moving on to the next one. And in case you were going to ask, yes: I am thoroughly exhausted of moving, of never settling down, of being on the go.

Luckily, this move should be a lot easier than all the ones before it: I'm just moving to another unit in my building, which means there won't be any packing boxes or moving vans - just a lot of shlepping stuff back & forth on foot. The new space is very similar to where I am now, but it's a little bit better fit for my needs.

Or should I say our needs? Even though Mike has informally been living with me for the last six or seven months, he's been paying rent on his place back in Lakewood the whole time. That lease ends soon, & we're making it official!

The new apartment has a layout much like our current one, so it feels very familiar. I'd been inside it a few times when the previous tenants lived there (they moved to Costa Rica at the start of the year), so I have a good mental sense of how it looks when it's full of furniture & looks like a home, instead of just a big open space; because I'm not great at decor & spacial stuff, this is really helpful to me.

The apartment is about the same size as our current one, though the bedroom is a little bigger, the living room is a little smaller, & it has an outdoor deck.

I've wanted an outdoor space for so long, but it just hasn't been in the cards in any of the places I've lived (except my mom's house in the suburbs, obviously). That means I am really effing excited about this deck, where I plan to spend the majority of my time when the weather is nice. It's large & lovely & has a little peek of the downtown Cleveland skyline. I think we may even have a prime view of all those summer fireworks displays over Progressive Field.

We didn't really get the keys today: We have to give them back tomorrow, as the place is still being worked on. But we did get to go in, walk around, & envision our life in this new space. We'll actually move the week of the 21st - so it's happening soon!

As annoyed as I am to have to uproot myself, my life, & my living space yet again, I am, more than anything else, thrilled to be moving into a space that so perfectly suits us. I want to be there for a long, long time - & to be with Mike even longer. I can't wait for this next step together.

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