My Hairstylist Was A Total Bully

Friday, March 18, 2016

I shaved my head on a whim during college, and when it started to grow back in the shape of a very Spock-looking bowl cut, I made my first appointment with Jeremy, a punk-rock stylist with green hair and KISS tattoos. He gave me a fierce cut and color that made me feel like a million bucks, and from then on, I only made hair appointments with him—even after I moved out of state.

One autumn, though, with no upcoming plans to return home, my hair had begun to look pretty raggedy and, though nervous, I was excited to try someplace new. I turned to Yelp to find a highly rated salon in my new town and booked an appointment at a quaint, upscale salon nearby.

When I strolled in for my Friday afternoon appointment, I was greeted by Chris, the owner, and Anna, his friendly assistant stylist. Chris plunked down in a corner chair, hand on his chin, and asked me to describe my hair situation: What I had, what I wanted, what I liked, etc. 
I was the only customer there.

Immediately, I felt very tended-to, like Chris truly cared how I looked and felt. I was confident he'd make me look good. New salon jackpot!

But post-cut, Chris's mannerisms abruptly changed...

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