This Thanksgiving, I'm Thankful for Bad Music Videos

Saturday, November 10, 2012

This video appeared today on my friend Sammi's Facebook wall, courtesy of her boyfriend, Dave, who wrote with it, simply, "Gettin' in the mood." Sammi tagged me when she commented on it, "First. I am so happy about this. Kate, have you seen this? Second. Turkey leg microphone. Third...why is that guy the only adult? Sketch."

That was, of course, all it took to entice me to watch.


In addition to Sammi's astute observations, I have a lot of thoughts about this video:
  1. Does this young musician know when Thanksgiving is? At the beginning of the video, she crosses November 28th off the calendar; this year, Thanksgiving is November 22nd.* And yes, the video was uploaded this year.
  1. "Fat Usher," as one kind YouTube commenter (aptly) dubs him, sings, "April was Easter & the Fourth of July." This is another critical calendrical error. Probably a bigger one.
  1. Fat Usher makes the creepiest appearance of all time, by popping up from the bottom of the screen during what appears to be a Thanksgiving dinner hosted entirely by tweens.
  1. I think this is stuffing's first appearance in a music video, ever.
  1. Nicole Westbrook is far too young to Dance Until Dawn.
  1. Mashed potatoes, AY!
*I originally listed Thanksgiving as being on the 24th. Because holidays without exact days are confusing, Nicole, I'll give you that.

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