G-L-A-M-O-R... Eh, Forget It

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

(Disclaimer: This is not a beauty post, I swear. Bear with me - even you, dude readers.)

I get Birchbox & MyGlam every month, & I love them mostly because I'm a fariyl lazy individual. I'm lazy in that I don't like shopping for beauty products, & I've never gone to Sephora to ask for a makeover, & I prefer reading funny lifestyle blogs to ones about nail polish & moisturizers. I wore the same eyeliner (not the same pencil, just the same brand) from 8th grade through my sophomore year of college, & my overall beauty routine is still largely the same as it was during those formative years. Because I am lazy.

All that to say that I really like it when Birchbox & MyGlam send me stuff every month that I'd never find on my own. It's how I've discovered lots of great new products - but this post isn't about those great new products. This post is about how sometimes, beauty-by-mail companies get it wrong. Way wrong.

Like when Birchbox sent me these:

Yeah, that is stick-on eyeliner. The little bubble up in the corner says "Lasts up to 16 hours," which really slays me, because of course they do, they're stickers. That's like if, when you went to the pediatrician as a kid & the doc handed you a Power Rangers sticker at the end for being good, he also added, "This sticker will last up to 16 hours, little Johnny!" because, hey, that's how stickers work. They're sticky.

Bur that gal on the cover of the package looks pretty glamorous, & hey, I might like to look glamorous, too, so let's give these a go!

Uhhh, nevermind.

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