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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My scanner broke, so sue me
It's no secret that I really, really like the holidays: Chanukah, Christmas, Festivus, whatever. Though I have approximately exactly three friends here in Portsmouth, I somehow thought it would be a good idea to throw a holiday party this year, & Nathan agreed. We decided upon December 23rd as the big day & began the planning.

I'm not convinced that Nate's Coastie friends won't spend 10 minutes at our get-together before deciding they'd have more fun at the bars, thus dashing my dreams of a quaint gathering complete with mulled wine, a decorate-your own cookie station, a few rounds of Apples to Apples, &, of course, tacky holiday sweaters. Still, I'm planning this party as though a dozen burly military dudes will share in this dream with me.

Let's talk about key elements of a successful Christmas party (which I've never before hosted):

  • Holiday attire: Because aforementioned tacky sweaters are a rare commodity these days, we've asked our guests to somehow display their holiday spirit in their attire, which leaves the door open to everything from tacky to classy. I, for one, will be wearing my reindeer necklace.

  • A supply of alcohol: We're asking everyone to BTOB, but we'll provide mixers & either store-bought eggnog or homemade mulled wine, depending upon my level of boozy enthusiasm. (It should be noted that I don't like either of these beverages.)

  • Snacks a'plenty: Nathan is dead-set on making pigs in a blanket using hot dogs & crescent rolls (yeah, he's in charge of this one), while I'm planning on buffalo chicken dip, French bread & brie, & a crudite plate, if I'm feelin' healthy. Which is unlikely.

  • A little bit o' Judaism: Though I will likely be the only Member of the Tribe in attendance, I'M MAKING LATKES, which I've never done before. I'll be using The Perfect Latkes Recipe & trying my best not to douse myself in hot oil, which seems like something I would do.

And finally, what is arguably the most important part of any holiday festivity:

  • LOTS OF DESSERTS: I am operating under the impression that the deliciousness of my provided desserts will be a key ingredient in convincing people to stay at this party. After all, aren't desserts an essential aspect of holiday celebration? Therefore, I've given lots of thought to my dessert-making options, & as of right now, I am currently planning to make:
    • Chocolate chunks cookies
    • Sugar cookies (to be decorated either by me or our guests - not yet clear)
    • Ritz peanut butter sandwiches covered in chocolate

If you have additional suggestions, I'd love to hear them, especially as they relate to desserts that will encourage people not to leave my party early. I thank you in advance for your assistance in helping me make this party a success. I hope. Cross your fingers.

Images: iced cookies , chocolate chunk cookies, Ritz "cookies"

Remember to check out Duncan Hines' website to find some great recipes for your holiday get-together! I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective.

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  1. You used "crudite" in your post. UN-ironically! Your teasing is no longer valid, my influence reigns supreme. Hah. Hah! Boo. Yah.

    --Blake (b/c signing in on my phone is not working)


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