Christmukkah Came Early! (And a Giveaway)

Monday, December 19, 2011

*There's a giveaway at the bottom, if you hate reading my wonderful words & want to skip to the potential for free stuff.

Call me nerdy, but after eight days out of town, I was looking forward to coming home for a great many reasons, among them cat cuddles, sleeping in my own bed, and going through a week's worth of mail - especially at the holiday season!

Today didn't let me down. I picked up my letters & packages & was thrilled to feel like Christmukkah had come early! My mama sent me this amazing slipper boots, straight off my wishlist:
And speaking of my wishlist, my wonderful friend (& fellow Ohioan) Cara sent me the Mandipidy print I'd long been coveting. Funnily enough, I'd bought Cara a gift, too, which I gave to her at the convention we both worked last week.

The next one was more a gift to myself, or a disgusting sign of corporatism. After ordering 20 Starbucks drinks on my registered gift card, I finally received my Gold Card, complete with my name on it. Should I be excited or ashamed?

I also came home to about 30 holiday cards. Feeling pretty loved right about now! I've displayed just a few of them on our hall closet door using good, old-fashioned string - in mustard, very festive. I'm still trying to figure out how to display the rest!

Heather from Just Lovely Things sent me a package for the Cold Hands, Warm Hearts swap that is, indeed, just lovely. Soft black gloves with detachable fingers, a shiny black ring that looks like a little disco ball, two of Heather's favorite magazines, a homemade flower headband & a black sequined one, two nail polishes, a lip gloss, & a postcard from Oregon, where Heather lives. I'm delighted, & I hope she likes the goodies I sent her just as much. See, sometimes I participate in activities with other bloggers! I'm not a total online hermit.

I recently won two giveaways, one for this flowery, funky homemade pouch from Glow Kouture from Caroline's blog, & the other for a Shabby Apple bracelet from Christina's blog. The bracelet I won was out of stock (is it just me, or is that weird...?), so I got to pick something else, which is how I ended up with this clock necklace that I like even more. Score!

And finally, my Birchbox arrived. For reasons unknown, I received two Birchboxes this month, each containing the same samples. Coincidentally, this is how I found Birchbox in the first place - awhile back, I won a giveaway from the blog Capitol Hill Style, whose writer had mysteriously received two boxes & opted to give one away. I loved it so much that I signed up to be a member myself.

In the spirit of paying it forward, I'm giving away my extra Birchbox to one free-stuff-loving reader who's interested in checking out this fun service. For $10 a month, Birchbox sends you a surprise package full of three to five high-end beauty samples.There are six ways to enter using the Rafflecopter widget below, & I'll choose a winner on Dec. 27th. Go forth & enter!

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