All I Want for Christmas, Round II*

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nathan has already done his Christmas shopping, but in case Santa is real, here's what's on my wish list this holiday season:

  1. Fisheye, Macro, Wide Angle & Telephoto Phone Lenses: So I can feel like a real photographer without shlepping around a gigantron DSLR or learning how to use it (Photojojo, $20-$25 each)
  2. Amazon gift cards: Because my Kindle app makes it that much easier for me to indulge in my love of book-buying
  3. Laura Geller Spackle Tinted Under Make-up Primer in Bronze: I've been making my Birchbox sample last. This stuff makes my life a better place to be. (Macy's, $25) 
  4. Mophie juice pack air™: iOS 5 has murdered my iPhone battery, & because I am entirely co-dependent on my phone, I require a case that will charge it on the go. (Mophie, $79.95)
  5. LUSH bath bombs: These would be a good excuse to take baths. I actually dreamed of them the other night. A sign? (LUSH, $4.70-$7.75 each)
  6. A flight back to Ohio: Because damn it, it's been six months, which is the longest I've ever been away
  7. Cable-knit slipper booties: Cozy, warm, cute, functional. I approve. (GAP, $39.95) 
  8. Seasons 6 - 11 of Seventh Heaven: This is the most embarrassing thing I have ever put on a public wishlist. (Amazon, prices vary)
  9. An external hard drive: Which I can't link to because I don't know anything about them except that I should have one
  10. Lancome Juicy Tubes: Because I have become the sort of cheap bastard who only purchases Carmex (Lancome, $18 each)
  11. KIND bars: The most delicious breakfast bars ever, & Men's Health tells me they're the healthiest, too. (KIND, prices vary) 
  12. Blinc Mascara in Dark Brown: Again, I'm livin' on a dwindling Birchbox sample, but I can't bring myself to spend $25 on mascara, no matter how much I love it. Which is a lot. (Blinc, $25)
  13. Bumble & Bumble Creme De Coco Shampoo: Best shampoo in the world? Yes. Too expensive for me to afford regularly? That, too. (Amazon, $18.90-$40)
  14. For Nathan to be restationed to Boston this spring: He submitted a request for his top five billets, & Boston is the only available place we have any real interest in going. I don't know when we learn where we're headed next, but I freak out about it every day.
  15. Ohio "The Heart of It All" Place I Love Print: This is self-explanatory, right? You know me. (Mandipidy, $18)
  16. World peace: Still. Because I may be materialistic, but I'm not shallow.
*Round I, published last year, can be found here. Yes, I have asked for shampoo two years in a row.

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