Now THAT's Using Your Head

Monday, August 1, 2011

My best friend Becca was in town visiting this weekend, so I took her sightseeing around the metropolis that is downtown Portsmouth. This is where I should note that Becca is a born-&-bred Manhattanite who fled D.C. after a year to return to her beloved Big Apple. She got her driver's license last month at age 26 after learning to drive on the mean streets of the big city, & the first time she ever rode in a car with me (2007), she begged me to take her through a fast food drive-thru because they don't exist in her hometown city.

As I pointed out the lobster roll cart & a boutique with going-out-of-business sales, Becca seemed overwhelmed. "I'm on sensory overload!" she exclaimed as we passed the Starbucks on the corner of Portsmouth's one "major" downtown intersection. I laughed - a New Yorker, on sensory overload in little old New England?

And then we turned to the right. And saw this.

Who says the crazies only live in the big cities?

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