Maine Knows Lobsters

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Every time we've driven by Warren's Lobster House, Nathan tells me the same thing: "A girl on my old boat says people drive from hours away to go to that place." So when lobster-loving Becca came to visit for a weekend, I knew where we were headed.

I find it difficult to believe Warren's hasn't yet appeared on the Food Network or some show devoted to the consumption of mass quantities of delicious food. Adam Richman & Guy Fieri, you're missing out on a good one - Warren's knows kitsch, but it also knows tasty seafood. And salad bars, apparently.

Upon their entrance into Warren's, I heard a few folks make statements like, "What's the big deal?" & I confess to feeling somewhat the same. Warren's initially seems like one of those godawful places your grandparents take you to - roomy leather booths, seating for a million, crying babies, weird wallpaper, wooden paneling, GIANT SALAD BAR. But then you open the menu, & it's clear Warren's is no joke.

Becca & I had a window seat, & the deck outside us was littered with lobster parts. So that also confirmed that, you know, Warren's means business. Or murder.

Undaunted by the carcasses of recently deceased crustaceans within her view, Becca went whole-hog on her dinner - or, should I say, whole lobster. A 1.5-pound lobster, that is:

Not sure how to eat this sucker? Warren's will teach you! This handy how-to placemat explains & illustrates exactly how to best defile the body lain before you:

But Becca's an expert. An enthusiastic expert. No placemat for her! Girl definitely knows her lobstercide:

And she's got the carnage to provide it:

As for me? I went a safer route:
Coconut shrimp, for those less inclined to play with their food. And less interested in handling their previously living dinners' innards & eyeballs.

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