Stuff Tourists Like, Part IV

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's that time again! Time for another look at tourists' favorite things to see & do - &, especially, their favorite ways to dress - while vacationing:
  1. Matchy-matchy outfits: There was a time in my life when I envied families who wore his-&-hers-&-all-of- theirs tees, a gaggle of neon green "Jones Family Reunion!" shirts weaving their way through Disney World. In retrospect, I think what I actually wanted was siblings, not a uniform that I identified me as having them. I thought this was one of those fads that ended in the '90s, just like neon green died, but lately I've seen a frightening number of similarly clad families near the National Zoo. And then there's this couple, who wasn't at the zoo but walking down U Street, which means they were likely not tourists at all, which gives them even less of an excuse to be dressed like this.

  2. Fanny packs: Including this one just feels weak. It's a total gimme. Tourists adore fanny packs, obviously. I don't even think I need to say much else, as this is self-explanatory: Fanny packs are convenient, sure, just like tool belts. They keep your most vital stuff (maps! sunscreen! money clip!) nearby so you can reach it easily, without rifling through an entire bag's worth of stuff. You know what else is similarly convenient? Tool belts. But you don't see people wearing tool belts around the city.
I often wonder what would happen if one of the people I surreptitiously photographed discovered his or her photo on my blog. Who would feel more terrible: me, for being unabashedly judgmental, or them, for committing such grievous fashion faux pas?


  1. Who doesn't love the fanny pack? But isn't the point of the fanny pack to wear it on the fanny?

  2. Omg, matching T-shirts! This weekend I was actually IN the Buckeye State (Sandusky, OH!) visiting Cedar Point and saw so many people in matching T-Shirts. The worst were a group of teenage girls wearing pink t-shirts that said "get down on your knees" in bold black letters. I'm not really sure what they meant but it just screamed of all shades of WRONG.


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